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This week, our favorite travel blogs are all about planning our next getaway! They’ve picked the best tech resources, ways to get the cheapest flights and how to get the most out of our upcoming journeys.

Let’s face it, traveling can take a huge chunk out of our bank accounts and may not be affordable for everyone. But Nomadic Matt disagrees and offers us his “Ultimate Guide to Traveling When You Have No Money,” proving we don’t have to be rich to travel.  From finding free flights to working overseas, he proves we can still see the world and pay off our college debt.

We’ve all heard the cliché about how we’re supposed to focus on the journey and not the destination, but As We Travel has found some trips where the journey actually IS the destination. Take a luxurious ride on the Orient Express, take a bus ride through the scenery of New Zealand or discover South Africa on a houseboat.

With all the budgeting and research, do you find planning your travels too much of a hassle? Gadling has discovered a site, launching in November, that plans your trip for you and promises up to a 40% discount. The catch? Travelers don’t get to pick their destination! Would you let this company pick your next getaway?

Long gone are the days of going through travel agencies to book your next vacation. Wild Junket explains how technology has changed the way we travel, making so many new resources available that help us from getting lost, let us crash on a local’s couch and sort through hotels.

Canada’s Adventure Couple attended the Adventure Travel World Summit in Lucerne, Switzerland, with over 600 delegates. The conference, which encouraged responsible tourism, conservation and making travel fun, looked like a blast featuring cuisines, speakers and performers from 55 nations.

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