The Dead Files is back with an all-new episode, and it seems as though they may have stumbled upon a little “Blood on the Tracks.”

Steve and Amy investigate paranormal activity at a newlyweds’ home in Garrett, IN. While Steve exposes the property’s history of scandal and death, Amy encounters a nightmarish entity lurking in the shadows.

As Steve questions family members and local historians, he unearths the tragic history of the former property owner — including a shocking family secret.  What could it be? Tune in tonight, Nov. 2 at 10|9c to find out.


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  1. Aaron Torres says:

    My wife and I were just watching the episode, while they were talking to the family about the findings, I noticed a dark shadow pass by behind the investigator. My question is did you notice as well?

  2. shelby Pihlman says:

    where do you find white sage?

  3. rushessaycom says:

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