It’s Election Day in America, and boy, are we excited — not just for all the political ads to FINALLY stop consuming every commercial break on television. No matter who you’re voting for, be sure to head to the polls today (if you haven’t already!). Fun fact: Belgium, Australia, Greece, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Japan, Germany, Portugal, the UK, Canada, Korea and France ALL have higher voter turnout rates than we do in the US. Maybe this year we’ll change that?

If you need a little last-minute inspiration, check out our Obama vs. Romney Travel Showdown and make up your mind on the REAL question in this election – who can lay claim to the better travel destinations?

Whether you’re voting later today or already did — tell us, where will you be voting in this election? Where’s your hometown, and what is it that makes it special?



4 Responses

  1. Designer Gal says:

    Silver Spring, MD

  2. Kaya says:

    Cape Cod……..Harwich MA

  3. essay writer says:

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  4. Matthew Walsh says:

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