Yesterday, we asked our fans to tell us: If your candidate loses the election — what will your #ElectionEscape be? It seems as though — regardless of party affiliation — by Election Day,  all of our fans had a SERIOUS case of election fatigue, because we got quite the outpouring of tweets, Instagrams and pins. Check out some of our favorite #ElectionEscape Instagrams! 

1. adureyt4 2.  mariahsilva 3. jrabs24 4. mariahsilva 5. siddharthajoshi 6. mariahsilva 7.  olenamelia 8. discokidd 9.sammi_dd_0403 10. calimiamigirl 11. aurorajustinee 12. mariahsilva 13. jrabs24 14. cawalkowski 15. jrabs24

We pooled your responses from our various social media channels, and we were pretty surprised by some of your desired escapes! We expected some of your answers — Australia, Italy, Greece, the Maldives, Jamaica, Paris — even Bora Bora — but Krakow, Angkor Wat, Nunavut? Way to think outside the box! Below are some of our favorite, if somewhat unusual, picks:

1. The Burj in Dubai — one of our picks for the World’s Wackiest Skyscrapers 2. Monte Carlo Beach in Monaco — visit to explore the French Rivera’s Luxurious Charm 3. Sugarloaf Rock in Dunsborough, Western Australia 4. Angkor Wat — one of the Temples of Cambodia



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