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From a “magic equation” for budgeting travel to 5 tips for rescheduling flights during these upcoming holidays, this week’s travel blog round-up not only adds to our already bad case of wanderlust, but is chock-full of useful tips as well.

Traveling, of course, can come with a large cost. To prevent blowing your budget halfway through your trip, Gadling shares their “magic equation” to help you decide how much vacation you can afford, and what luxury activities you might have to take off your agenda.

It’s Veteran’s Day weekend, which means everyone should take advantage of free admission to America’s national parks! Johnny Jet explains that this is the last time we’ll have free park admission this year, so be sure to get out and experience the beautiful fall scenery!

Everyone’s favorite travel guidebook company has released their top 10 countries for 2013. Check out Traveling Canucks’ quick summary of why we should visit these (sometimes obscure) destinations.

Extreme weather can put a damper on your travel plans, with 24,000 flight cancelations from Hurricane Sandy and even more from this week’s nor’easter. It looks like we could have a stormy winter ahead, so Peter Greenberg offers his 5 tips for rescheduling flights, so we can be sure to get home for the holidays.

For even more timely travel finds, check out our This Week in Photos gallery!

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