Tor House

Catch an all-new episode of Ghost Adventures at 9|8c when the guys head to Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA, to investigate Tor House. Tor House is a beautiful stone house built by the American poet, Robinson Jeffers, for his family.

His wife, Una, held séances in the house’s Hawk Tower —  did she summon spirits that have decided to hang around Tor House long after her death on 1950? Or perhaps Robinson himself haunts his home like his poems say he would 50 years after his death. Tune in to see what the guys find!


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  1. Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin are the kind of guys I would hang out with. LOVE this show…never miss an episode (I am sober for almost 10 years now), so I never hit up the bars anymore. My only problem with the show and shows like this one?

    Seriously….as film makers…PUT THE LIGHTS ON…AND LOSE THE GHOST BOX. OMG…the ghost box is the most annoying noisy useless thing. Paranormal eye witnesses DO NOT see apparitions in the dark. Put the lights on and film in higher quality. There is no reason to have these three tripping over chairs and debris peeping at some tiny LCD screen. Think about it…you will be able to capture better footage and it will be just as scary. Why brake your ankles and work really hard to end up with GREEN tinted footage that is so fuzzy when you guys know FULL WELL it does NOT have to be filmed in night vision.

    Seriously…the night vision looks like crap and there is NO proof that it has to be dark during an investigation. NONE.

    I love the history and documentary pieces. Personal experiences are great to hear…half the show LOOKS GREAT…then you have to go to night vision and almost brake your ankles or almost fall in some hole?

    Think about it…people have had experiences during the day and with all the lights ON.

    Best part of the show is when Zak proved that Nick is a cheater on the golf course.

    In all seriousness. I bet these 3 guys are the ones to once again capture real apparition footage.

    • Mark says:

      Why in the dark?? Because it adds the effect and scariness to it. How interesting would it be if you could see everything during daytime? These guys are the best paranormal guys on tv, they blow everyone away!!

  2. Sirius B says:

    Gracie is so cute

  3. Sirius B says:

    Cool episode

  4. Sirius B says:

    I am sorry for your lost Nick. My sympathies to you and your family.

  5. Sirius B says:

    Zak just wondering if you are an empath? Thanks.

  6. Sirius B says:

    Gracie will see and sense spirit before people. Thank you Zak for adopting an animal. Unconditional love,companionship from them.

  7. Sirius B says:

    Cool shades Zak

  8. Brandy Karas says:


  9. Sirius B says:

    What a beautiful poem

  10. Sirius B says:

    Beautiful California coast. The water is chilly.

  11. Sirius B says:

    Thank you Zak,Aaron,Nick,Billy. Awesome show. Hugs & kisses to your four legged fur child Gracie. She is beautiful.

  12. Amanda Steckel says:

    I love the show and I watch it every Friday and Saturday and my question is during the show when do you sleep during the show

  13. Morrigan says:

    I dunno what to think…what did they find?

  14. Stephanie Munoz says:

    You guys are so awesome!!!!

  15. Kyle Owen says:

    Hey guys keep up the awesome work im a big fan can you shoutout to @beardly1990

  16. cassie says:


  17. Tammy says:

    Awesome place. You guys are the best thanks for bringing us into the realm with you.

  18. Josephine says:

    Wow!! Excellent episode…loved the dog connection :)

  19. Regina says:

    You guys rock. Thanks for all you do!

  20. Chuck says:

    Never missed an episode looking forward to tonights!

  21. Joyce says:

    That image on the thermal camera you guys captured, doesn't really look like a person. It's creepy. At the moment I saw it, I got goose bumps all over my body. Una (I think that's how you spell it) she looked like to to skinny by the pictures. I felt that the energy there was a little more "negative". How did you guys feel? I know depending where you go you feel either a positive or negative energy. What was the energy like in Tor House? Thanks!

  22. Amanda Steckel says:

    I love you're show and I watch it every Friday and my question is when do you guys sleep during the show when you are not investigateting places?

  23. kortnie sisk says:

    Loved all the activity yall got and I cant wait to see where yall go next! I am very interested into what yall do because me and my mom do investagations ourselves.

  24. Jessie says:

    Best episode ever!! Jeffers' poetry left me with chills.

  25. Jade Coyle says:

    Wow guys, Loved the new episode. Just plain awesome, cant even wait for next weeks!!!!! Good luck. :P

  26. Rylee says:

    how do you find your sites

  27. Jason Burke says:

    You guys are awesome!!! Tonight's episode rocked!! Keep up the awesome work!!!

  28. Britney says:

    You guys are awesome…I've had experiences b4 and then I was scared…but it wasn't til I started watching your show that I have gotten excited about the other side :)

  29. Kelly says:

    Love the show!!! <3 Their investigation is awesome!!

  30. Melinda says:

    Hi Zak, Nick, and Arron
    what an amazing show tonight i loved it all my fav things Poetry and Ghosts

  31. Amanda Steckel says:

    I love the show and I watch it every Friday and Saturday and my question is during the show when do you sleep?

  32. Jason burke says:

    Awesome job tonight guys!! You guys rock!!! Keep up the awesome work!!!!!!!!!

  33. Randi says:

    I've been to an amazing mining town in Alaska called kennicot. They have been renovating it to make it safe again for the public. I'm sure theyd love the publicity. Its a very small town with a three story mining building. Im sure it's haunted. I also stayed at what was once an old brothel turned into a a hotel. Crazy place. Please check it out.

  34. Kristie says:

    Love every single episode can watch repeats all day!! Never stop what u do GAC ;)

  35. Andrea Faye says:

    I am loving this season of GA!! I think its one of the best so far!! You guys are awesome!! Much love & respect from me to you guys!! I would love to do what you guys do!! Not just for the adventure of it, but to interact with the dead & hear what they have to say.

  36. Andrea Faye says:

    I am loving this new season of GA!!! One of the best I think so far!! Much love & respect from me to you guys!! I would love to do what you guys do!! Not just for the adventure of it, but to catch incredible evidence. To interact with the dead & hear them speak. That must be an awesome feeling!

  37. Bratney071785 says:

    You guys are awesome…I've had experiences in the past…I used to be scared until I started watching your show…now i'm intrigued…I've heard and seen the paranormal…ive also been able to catch evp's…thanks to you guys i've become very interested in the paranormal…thanks :)

  38. Matthew says:

    Hello, someone there?

  39. smurch3 says:

    Watching re-run of Ghost Adventures, waiting for new one. Very excited

  40. Ariana Valdez says:

    This one was intense! I loved it!

  41. jami nelson says:

    Zak. Bagans my daughter needs ur help….we believe something negative is effecting her…we had a local paranormal group) investigate her house because she was hearing a child, and her 1yr old daughter seemed to be interacting with it too..they did caputure some intresting evidence…well my daughter is terrified to be there now, feeling like it is always watching her, she is experiencing mood changes becoming very angry when at the house, she is truly scared calling me crying sitting in her car to afraid to take herself and her daughter in. Please help her…

  42. Amanda says:

    Love the show! Represent KC! Union station is the shiznit!! Love you zach! you are wayyy sexy!

  43. jenng says:

    I am going to visit an 1800 house tomorrow. No one had been able to live in it too long due to the spirits who dwell there. I was wondering if there std things I can do while I am visiting that would possibly prove their existance?

  44. Emilie says:

    Right, good job guys! The episode of tonight was amazin' especially the "Welcome to.." and "Ghost"! Thanks Zak, Nick and Aaron. #GAC! xx

  45. lacechristy says:

    Love you guys and your show, I watch it all the time!!! You are all so awesome!!!

  46. madison says:

    you guys are awesome and i just want to ask what you saw zak when you came face to face with a spirt and was it evil or good? :)

  47. madison says:

    ok this goes along with my other comment and wht does it feel like to be on a slab or when you are in a room by your self were something bad happend and what it felt like when you all where in ny in that scary place please tell me i might be 10 but i am not scared

  48. Jennifer Moore says:

    Every time i watch your shows it reminds me of things that have happened to me ever since i was 10. There is a ghost that follows me around to this day… i would like to know why and who..

  49. E.N.V. says:

    Both these stone house and hotel have interests into two stories similar to haunts within historically, yet still scenic, but it's exorists! 'Brookdale and Tor' Houses were kept stone cold ! TOR's place on dead Poets house guess it's a film topic & society about on lodges haunts famous!

  50. misbah says:

    hi zak its misbah from london keep up the good work bra.i love watching your show.i naveer missed no episodes can you belive it.whay dont you go out of the country more middle east countrys investgating ghost adventure.i think bobby mackeys was one of the best.keep on using the works the best from. miz….03/11/2012

  51. Aaron says:

    Common guys your turning in wussies…. All you do is Historic Locations/Prisons/Hospitals who cares about them we all know 99% may have activity.. What you need to start doing is forgetting about them and do average people houses like they do on the best show "The Dead Files" only the best show for one reason.. They do average people houses and some times here and there the other places…

    All the Ghost shows show the same exact places getting very bored and losing interest. So make your show different and actually do average persons houses.. I think you may have only done one for a show and that was a house being renovated in Vegas.. So I guess I will wait for another new Ghost show and wait to watch them do an episode on the Birdcage or western state or Linda Vista "AGAIN"

  52. John Nazareth says:

    you GUYS ARE COOOOOOOOOOOL! Aaron you make me laugh. my house is haunted. I saw 2 big
    shadow the eyes where glowing red eyesin the attic.

  53. Grace says:

    Hey zak you are very brave for risking your life investigating :)

  54. Jennifer Jackson says:

    I hate when zak doesn't provoke when nick and Aron leave him

  55. Warren Roth says:

    Never miss this show either. No one more innovative or experimental than GAC, but be careful, theories are just theories. You have proven spiritual energy exists and just as important that it is a community with memory and the ability to interact with each other as well as the living and the physical world. Quite significant and rates up there with electricity or Gravity, you have every right to be proud of your work. Keep going!

  56. Billie-Jo says:

    Hey Zak, did you ever notice you closely resemble the character of Sam from the WB's show Supernatural. You are tall dark and hansom, so is the actor who plays Sam Winchester, you both seem to have a dark side in you but not really. You both are scared of clowns and dolls, but you love dogs. And perhaps most important of all you try to protect people from, and take on evil spirits. My daughter and I love your show and I just want to let you know that our nickname for you is Zak Bagans Strips.. Thought it was cute when you confused a succubus and an incubus. I saw that Vegas episode where you had Vince Neil on the show. That was cool, do you know any other Rock Stars, like Bret Michaels ?

  57. Connie says:

    The best and only episode is the Tor house, Jeffers poetry is beautiful and you not knowing what you would be filming on the 50 year anniversary with a rescue dog that looks a tiny bit like a poodle. Now was that not strange.
    This I think was the only episode that I have watched (it comes on hour before show I like) that had nothing with you your name being called by evil or demonic enity. You must be the most wanted in the demonic world. I just wonder why no matter where you are it is a dark or demonic entity that takes you over.

    Well I know I could go on, but I will stop.

  58. estrella marie lopez says:

    I saw a little girl.

  59. lewid says:

    Heyy, you guys should visit the sensabaugh tunnel in tennessee child murders have happend you can hear a baby crying and people have also seen phantoms in the rearvjew mirrors approaching theor cars when they have drove oit of the tunnel they have discovered baby-sized hand prints along the sides of their cars apparently its a place of gteat evil and iys to be avoided at all costs so I think it will be a great place for you guys to visit.

  60. Logan in IL says:

    I wish I was in the crew Zak my 14 year old sister has a crush on you.

  61. simone slater says:

    Hi im Simone from England and have watched. Your quality show from day1!! I never miss 1 i record them and sit watch 1after another till early hours

  62. christina johnson says:

    Watched and loved show for years. Have wanted to go on an investigation, but people have said that I shouldn't due to having a pacemaker, and spirits have been known to drain batteries. With your experience, do any of you think that would happen? Curious, and don't want to give up on participating in an investigation.

  63. garry west says:

    when will season 9 episode 14 be on tv and youtube as ive seen every seasons

  64. Robert says:

    Hi guys love show greates ever I always try and get people to see show I know its real ive seen shit my self not one place but its like every where I go and I believe but hay is the show island doll related to movie dead silence? Well I live in boyle heights near linda vista hospital I once tryed to get in side but through window friends kept telling me no but I insisted like arguing with them till my friend said no look though window wanted to go through that I insisted when looked it was to basment wich showed on your visit and it would have been a long drop for me but what I think is was some thing trying to make me go through there to die so maybe become part of hospital sound crazy but how I felt was when got there was I have to get in side no mater what and I think it what ever it is was trying to get me to go in were I think would have made me apart of hospital if would have made it through that window to my death it was a long fall you seen basement very high but anyways love show just wanted to know your opinion

  65. milinda john says:

    they should check out the amityville place and new mexico lincoln where billy the kid and others were killed in lincoln nm

  66. nick says:

    I record all the episode .my favorite episode was the saly house. at frist i was freect out . I was like o my when one of the pigman got scrach in the head .

  67. Sabrina says:

    I just watched the sharon tate episode and nicks burn is the same shape as the light that ran down the wall and i think it's a medicine man making people sick

  68. Tammy says:

    My name is Tammy Wadley and just love watching your show and how you talk to spirits. I wish I could be on your show someday in the future.

  69. Raven18 says:

    Hey, Zak! I'm new to this blog and I just want to say that I watch your show all the time and, to tell you the truth, I have had some ghost experiences myself. 3 or 4 years ago, I was exploring the Harmony Cemetery, next to the head stones from the early 1800s and, as foolish as I was, I irritated a ghost and I received 3 scratch marks on my back. At the same time, my sister also received identical marks.

  70. asadalii says:


  71. Judi says:

    Hi guys, My parents house where I grew up was very haunted, inside and out side. As children we were tormented by these spirits. I was pulled from my bed on more than one occasion, I was not alone on this torment even my parents had seen them. If you went into the cellar something would grab your legs and trip you as you went up or down the stairs. I saw a male spirit during the day. I ran down the stairs and refused to go back up for several hours. When my parents past away my husband offered to buy the homestead for me I did not want it because of all of the paranormal things that went on there. Another family moved in and I have had the chance to speak with several of the adult children and asked if they ever had any experiences there and they said yes and begin to describe what they had been through The person that had bought the place is going to have it destroyed when the Shaw family moves out. I believe that some of the spirits there are demonic. We also had 2 that tried to protect us. The house had been built in the late 1800's. It was a old farm house for us as well the original owners. I would love it if you could investigate the place before it is torn down. I know you travel all over because I watch your shows all the time. Please come to Vermont, I don't think it would be disappointing for you, your crew or audience. It should be investigated before it is destroyed, and just maybe you could help us to understand why we lived in hell there. You stated Zak that you had seen a ghost and that is why you do what you do. We didn't just see it once but many times. So I ask you please investigate the hell hole we were raised in. I am now 62 and it still plagues me. Thank you

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