The days may be growing shorter, but one thing got longer this past month. Mustaches, and lots of them. Mustaches popped up all over the world in November — with some of the best sported by celebrities from Kris Jenner to David Beckham — for Mustache November. Known simply as Movember,  this annual movement calls on men worldwide to grow out their facial hair in solidarity against prostate cancer and other men’s health issues. What began in Australia as a campaign to raise awareness of these issues has now grown to become a worldwide cultural phenomenon.

Movember in London

Mo’s sprouted up all over the world this month, and not just on men. Airlines even joined the movement, decking out planes with ’staches. British Airways’ planes donned a properly coiffed mustache, “the connoisseur,” as part of the airline’s initiative to raise more than £80,000 for the Prostate Cancer Charity. Down Under, Qantas planes rocked a mo’ (Australian for mustache). WestJet has a handlebar mustache on its Next-Gen 737, aka Mo Boe. The airline hopes to raise over $85,000 this Movember, and even has a humorous skit with its Mo Bros showing how to accessorize the mo’.

Quantas Airlines and Movember

Australia Wallabies rugby union players in front of a mustached-Qantas 737.
(William West – AFP/Getty Images)

But for some, mustaches aren’t just a trend, and will be sported long after the end of November. We’re certain these contestants at the World Beard and Mustache Championships, “the premier event in the international sport of bearding,” started growing their amazing feats of facial hair long before the beginning of November. Every other year, this weeklong event draws facial hair enthusiasts from all over the world, vying for awards in categories such as Muttonchops, Amish Beard, Musketeer and Dalí Mustache. The contest began in Germany in the early 1990s, and has since been held all over Europe and across the US.

How do the ladies feel about all this facial hair? A Zoosk survey on the global perspective of mustaches and more reported that 80% of American women are attracted to facial hair, with the goatee as their main preference. Not so much our international counterparts: A majority of women in Australia, France, Mexico and Denmark prefer a clean-shaven look.

So whether you sported the handlebar, the pencil, chops or the Magnum PI, we’re happy that the world was united in this one hairy cause this month.

And don’t worry, you can still be a manly man after Movember with these testosterone-fueled picks: Top 5 Manly Man Adventures,  Manliest Restaurants and No-Ladies Allowed Vacations.

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