Last night on Dangerous Grounds, Todd Carmichael traveled to Borneo in search of a rare coffee bean that even he hadn’t tasted before: Liberica, also known as “Elephant” coffee — named for its massive beans.

Liberica Coffee

Upon finding the elusive bean, Todd brought the coffee back to the La Colombe factory in Philadelphia for a tasting with his closest buddies, who also happen to be coffee aficionados. Get an inside look at what happens when coffee experts taste something new.

If you want to get your hands on Todd’s exclusive coffee blends, check out the La Colombe website to find out how you can order his prized beans.

Todd had a close call while filming in Colombia — read his first-hand account of the car accident here. We also got Todd to tell us where he likes to grab a cup of coffee when traveling around the world — check out his picks!


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  1. dizzyling says:

    Lots of posing and smiling faces and not much about the coffee.

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