Steve and Amy are back with an all-new episode chock-full of paranormal activity. Their investigations lead to frightful findings at a family home in Parkersburg, WV, where a terrified mother worries about the safety of her 8 children.

While Steve uncovers the property’s tragic history, Amy encounters an evil entity intent on hurting the living.

Their client, Tisha, and her family have been seeing apparitions ever since they moved into their house 3 years ago. Tisha claims to hear loud, disturbing noises in the attic at night and some family members believe that they have actually been touched by this mysterious entity.

The family is deathly afraid and desperately wants this activity to stop. Will Steve and Amy combine their findings to help this horrified family find peace or will they continue to walk on egg shells in their own home?

Find out on an all-new episode of the Dead Files, tonight @ 10|9c.

Plus, check out exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from tonight’s episode, The Soul Collector.


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  1. Brenna Smith says:

    FINALLY!! Someone has taken an interest in Parkersburg, WV!!! I live here and the house feature is only 8 blocks away from mine. There is a vast wealth of history and hauntings in this area. I hope all who watched this episode enjoyed it.

  2. Sherry Todd says:

    Absolutely LOVE THIS SHOW!! It is the finest show on air! Kudos to Amy ! Steve and staff! Keep it coming!

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