Champs-Elysees in Paris

From fancy hotels, airline dating, or gadgets that get rid of jet-leg, our selection of travel blogs this week gives you even more reason to get bitten by the “travel bug.”

Those goodies in your hotel room’s minibar seem so tempting until you see their price tags. But check out Oysterblog’s list for the most expensive minibar offerings and that $10 bag of chips might seem to be a bit more reasonable compared to these pricy treats that could cost you an arm and a leg!

Technology has changed the way we travel in a big way, and now it has even supposedly found the “cure” for jet lag. Vagabondish writes that a new device has been developed that can reset your circadian rhythm.  Despite it appearing to be more like a novelty Tron item, this could be revolutionary for anyone with sleeping issues.

Because you never know when you might meet “the one,” many organizations have come up with different and sometimes bizarre ways (rollercoaster speed dating or subway matchmaking, anyone?) to help people find their perfect match. Read Katie Baker’s article from Jezebel  to see if she was lucky enough to find love through airline dating.

It’s been a century since a new luxury hotel has opened in the Swiss ski resort of Gstaad, the go-to destination for celebrities, so the new $337 million Alpina Gstaad is long overdue. Get an inside look at the new lavish hotel with The Daily Traveler’s photo gallery.

Do you find yourself using travel-size shampoo all the time? Can you pack your bags in under 5 minutes? If so, you may have a travel addiction. Check out Wild Junket’s “symptoms” of being bitten by the travel bug. We see nothing wrong with this diagnosis!

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