All my rowdy friends are here on … Tuesday night? Nope, that’s not a misprint and it’s not country legend Hank Williams Jr. singing the wrong lyrics to his Monday Night Football anthem. For the first time ever, the NFL will air regular season football on a night other than Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday or Monday.

OK, OK, before you get all, “What the hell is he talking about?” on me and hurry over to the TV Guide to make sure I’m not giving you false hope, let me explain.

Travel Channel and NFL Films are taking a unique look behind closed doors, as we pull back the curtain on the 2012 Cleveland Browns’ season. Together, Travel Channel and NFL Films will unveil never-before-seen footage of what it takes for an entire professional football team to travel from city to city, and game to game, during the regular season.

Every road trip requires a massive amount of coordination to haul the 150-person squad a total of 20,000 miles a season. From feeding 6 tons of men, to clothing and housing them, as well as preparing a stadium for more than 70,000 rabid fans, Travel Channel is there to capture every moment of this massive undertaking.

The Cleveland Browns’ new owner, Jimmy Haslam, has come a long way in the short period of time since he’s taken over the Browns, and has given the city of Cleveland and its fans a reason to believe in their team again. With up-and-coming superstar Trent Richardson leading the ground game, and 29-year-old rookie Brandon Weeden taking the helm at quarterback, the fans in the “Dawg Pound” are chomping at the bit to see their team score big.

Take the journey with the Cleveland Browns as they make their way around the country, stopping in Baltimore (Ravens), Dallas (Cowboys), Oakland (Raiders), Denver (Broncos) and Pittsburgh (Steelers) along the way. Will Jimmy Haslam turn things around for Cleveland? Do players take their families on the road with them? How does the team get from city to city; what do they do in their (rare) free time; and how do they prepare themselves in the weeks leading up to the big game?

Find out the answer to all these questions and more in this first-of-its-kind program, which provides NFL fans an exclusive pass during the regular season, and kicks off tonight at 10|9c.

And don’t miss these exclusive behind-the-scenes and live on gameday Cleveland Browns photos.



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    Go Cowboys!

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