Get excited for our Ghost Adventures live event during the all-new episode at 9|8c! Let us know what you think of the episode tonight when you tweet using the hashtag #GAcrazytown, and your tweet might make it into the broadcast.

Your tweets and Facebook comments will also be featured on throughout the day, so make sure you tell us how pumped you are!

The guys are headed to Mineral Wells, TX, famous for its “crazy water” that was believed to have healing properties. The GAC investigate the Baker Hotel, which is believed to be “infested” with ghosts. During the lockdown, Zak becomes mysteriously aggressive – did he get too close to a spirit?

Watch tonight at 9|8c to see this along with your tweets live on-air! And don’t forget to visit the fan feed online to see everyone’s (including Zak, Nick and Aaron’s) tweets and Facebook comments throughout the day!


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  1. oandrerosa says:

    I don't want to see any silly tweets during a scary lockdown, it will only distract us :(

  2. patrick bland says:

    you guys rock i watch you guys every Fridays

  3. Shellie491 says:

    I would love to see my tweet on #GhostAdventures during their episode of #GAcrazytown with @Zak_Bagans and Nick and Aaron. But unfortunately I feel I would be grabbing at straws so many wonderful fans besides me love this show. I will be watching as I am always watching because I love those boys. They have given me an insight as to me not being crazy. About when my 17 yr old daughter was followed by a small demon. So yes thanks to them I am grateful and no were not alone.

  4. Kendall says:


  5. Norma J Richens says:

    Hello,GAC I Love the Ghost Adventures
    I watch Every one has a Special place In my Heart
    Huge Fan
    Norma Richens Twitter @RichensNorma

  6. ana says:


  7. Kelly and Sereniti says:

    My 7 year-old daughter and I love Ghost Adventures! We never miss an episode! Getting her an evp recorder for Christmas because she wants to Ghost Hunt just like you guys!

  8. Micki White says:

    Aaron, what is the chance of actually getting to meet you in person
    next time you are in Portland? We live south of Wilsonville but would
    love to meet you in person and hopefully get an autograph. My son and
    I watch your show and love the way the three of you interact with each
    other. It's a great show. By the way, have you every done the Whaley
    House in San Diego?

  9. Kelly and Sereniti says:

    My daughter and I never miss an episode! We love Ghost Adventures and can't wait for tonight!

  10. Britney says:

    Can't wait for the new Ghost Adventures!!!! WooHoo…Makes my Friday nights :)

  11. peparker says:

    Who thought up the idea to have those stupid, distracting, self-congratulatory tweets running along the bottom of your episode? Because the idea SUCKS. Please don't do it again – it totally takes away from the show and no one cares what a bunch of strangers have to say about your show. It makes you look like egomaniacs. Seriously, I love your show but I'm turning it off tonight because of those tweets.

  12. kasey salazar says:

    I love you ghost adventures you guys are the best

  13. Don Ferguson says:

    I consider myself to be what I call open. We live in a small town in Kansas that has a lot of activity. One is a abandoned nursing home. We recently moved froma very dark house. While living there my wife heard people screaming at her in German. My wife hated this house. I have seen two different people in that house. We would love for you to come investigate.

  14. mary ann ice says:

    i want some crazy water lol bring me some zak. crazy crazy

  15. dibb says:

    the show is great! kill the stupid twitter feed. its disruptive to the pacing and visually invasive.

  16. mary ann ice says:

    u guys r great keep up the good work :)

  17. Kieth says:

    Best ghost adventures I ever viewed. Keith

  18. Orlando Rivera says:

    You need to get rid of the tweet streamer. It's an incredibly major distraction for an otherwise entertaining show.

  19. Guest says:

    The tweets are really distracting. If it becomes a regular feature I'll probably find another option to watch.

  20. mary ann ice says:

    #GAcrazytown hope ur ok zak

  21. mary ann ice says:

    watch Ghost Adventures every week, u guys r awesome. #GAcrazytown

  22. jim says:

    The twitter scroll must STOP ! It is very distracting, please get rid of it

  23. jim says:

    stop the green twitter crawl , please stop it

  24. Harold says:

    I sincerely hope this is not going to be a trend because after watching the show for a few minutes and having this twitter feed at the bottom it started really getting on my nerves. It was very distracting and I couldn't watch the show any more, so I turned it off. I like the show but not enough to keep it on if I have to sit and read what people think of it. I'm surely not alone on this. People have the whole internet to say something about it so it doesn't need to be on television. Television is for watching television shows not reading tweets, and other internet related stuff. That's what computers and websites are for.

  25. Pumpkin says:

    Loose the stupid green banner!!! It's too distracting!!

  26. Tiffany says:

    I really don't like the live tweeting while the shows on. Really distracting and doesn't add any interest to the show except for people wanting to see their own tweet. Had to zoom in the screen so we couldn't see it. Very annoying.

  27. Melissa says:

    Hey guys, love ghost adventures! I dvr it, and I've watched every episode so far. Huge fan! Love the scariness of the lock downs and how brave you all are. Keep up the good work. I'd love to come on an ghost adventure with you. You should have a pick a fan day. I'm sure I'll be great for the ghost. They love me;-) (meaning, I see and talk to spirit's) have a good one and stay safe you guys!!:-)

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