This week, our favorite travel blog posts all feature something that’s a little hard to believe – whether it’s the world’s largest Christmas tree, the discovery of a unicorn lair (!!!), a woman who sold everything so she could see the world, or tips for actually fitting everything in a carry-on (it can be done!).

A Luxury Travel Blog shows us the biggest Christmas tree in the world, located in Umbria, Italy. The Guinness Book of Records dubbed it in 1991, but does it really count as a tree? That’s your call.

Global Grasshopper picks the top 10 unusual hotels in Reykjavik. Some of these you’ll have to see to believe.

Vagabondish tells us that Korean archaeologists have discovered a unicorn lair. We don’t totally understand, but we hope it’s real!

Nomadic Matt shares the story of a woman who sold all of her belongings to travel with only her backpack. Her story has us figuring out how to sell things on Craigslist.

Peter Greenberg does the impossible … proves that it is, in fact, possible to travel with only a carry-on. Take that, airline fees!

See what else happened this week with our This Week in Photos gallery!

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