Sao Paulo

Tonight at 9|8c on an all-new episode of The Layover, Anthony Bourdain visits Sao Paulo – one of the most populous cities in the world. Tony’s top Sao Paulo travel tip? Know someone in the city to show you around … otherwise, it can be overwhelming.

Unfortunately, we can’t all be so lucky as to have a collection of super-cool (and trustworthy) foodie friends all over the world. But if you’re planning a trip to Sao Paulo soon, you do have Mr. Bourdain himself! Plan your itinerary based on our travel guide from Tony’s layover – it includes all the restaurants and places he visited, plus some tips for where to stay (even if you’re looking to get a room for just a few hours …).

See behind-the-scenes photos from Tony’s trip, and find out where he dined on “the perfect dish,” admired the art of Sao Paulo’s graffiti artists — and where he nursed his hangover!


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  1. joel says:

    Yo Tony!
    Love all of your shows BUT what's goin' on with all the swearing? I'm getting beeped-out with your "F…s and "S…s" throughout the episodes. Are you getting more angry as the years of success go on? I don't get it..Why you doing it?

  2. andrei g says:

    I think that Tony is amazing and his shows are the best things on tv, but this season of the layover is terrible. you should fire whomever set up the schedule. YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN TO MOST OF THESE CITIES!!!. With all of the amazing cities in the world, you chose not to explore new ones but go back to the same ones we have seen over and over. I get it, go to a city and see it in a short peroid of time and it helps if you have been there before. I still think there are so many other places you could have visited and kept with this thems. Just disappointed because you actually had a show that i could stand to watch that was real and not like the crap out being beamed into our homes. I do have one positive thing to say-thank the sweet lord you wont be skiing on this show. Hopefully you wont be on any other show. Hopefully you wont ski on your own free time. As a man who has done it for 39 years out of 43ish, you should hang up your poles and credit it as a misguided midlife thing. The truth hurts, you have no idea how to ski or remotely do it. that swish thing you do is not skiing and your killing the slopes. Whew, finally got that off the chest. Now lets regroup, stay away from Aspen or St. Moritz, and do better on season 3. Cool place-Munich, Heidelburg, Bruge, Salzburg, Nairobi, Cape Town, Warsaw, Budapest, Jerusalem, etc, and the million small towns across Europe, Africa, Middle East-well you get it and my oxygen has run out

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