“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way …

“Oh, what fun it is to … hunt with Jordan this Christmas Day!”

That’s right, people, with the holiday season  upon us, Jordan is on the lookout for some Yuletide bestsellers of the past, searching for misfit toys that are always in high demand around the holidays.

In fact, the holiday season is the busiest time of year for Jordan and his team. Clients are calling nonstop trying to track down hard-to-find toys from their childhood — and if there is one man for the job, it’s Jordan Hembrough.

After chasing down some hot leads, Jordan takes a trip down memory lane and comes across some of the best vintage Christmas gifts of all time. From a 1964 Creepy Crawlers “Thingmaker” to a 1996 Snacktime Cabbage Patch Kid, Jordan and his team discover toys from every generation, for everyone — especially adults who are still just young at heart.

With the cool crispness of the December air, and Christmas’s festive spirit, now both upon us, what better way to kick off the holiday season than by taking a trip back to your childhood with the toys you love(d)?

Don’t miss Jordan’s all-new holiday special tonight at 9|8c!

And check out these exclusive behind-the-scenes pictures from tonight’s episode.


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  1. doris says:

    i have a charlie in the box that works and says "halt who goes there and my name is charlie no one wants to play with a charlie in the box" among other great classic toys. would love to n
    know what there worth

  2. charlie amador says:

    looking to price my charlie the clown he plays the drum and his nose lights up red still in the box

  3. tammy croft says:

    i have a whole room full of toy and comics nothing has been opened looking to find out how to contact the toy hunter to see if he would look at them?

  4. barbara tadokoro says:

    i have a collection of at least 50 Barbies that i bought late 90's some early 2000's…..i want to sell some. they are all in the boxes unopened!!!!!! i have everything from Target's 50th anniversary doll that honors the fight against Aids, See's candy, Audrey Hepurn, a series of different seasons in different countries, Swan Lake, the Disney princesses…both Cinderella's…one is quite high end in a gorgeous box that actually closes like a book. i don't want to sell all but some and want to know best way to do it. i have famous designers that designed their outfits and the birds of paradise collection including the beautiful peacock!!!!!

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