Laurence and Sally Martin from Baggage Battles

What do Harry Houdini’s brother and Dracula have in common? Items related to these 2 figures could possibly make a trip to Dublin a major success for auction specialists Mark Meyer, Billy Leroy, or Laurence and Sally Martin.

Dublin has been and continues to be Ireland’s transportation hub for almost 1,000 years. The Garda, the local police, are in charge of managing all lost property that’s found and turned in to them by citizens. If no one claims the items for 1 year and a day, then the items are put up for auction.

Mark, Billy, and Laurence and Sally Martin keep their fingers crossed, hoping to strike it rich with items like old leather briefcases (potentially holding historic documents), as well as a jockey-training simulator and even an old sealed box with the words “Attic” on the front. And we all know what items are stored in the attic: old, and sometimes priceless, items.

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4 Responses

  1. rufus says:

    This episode annoyed me. Whether they seed the things like is said or not. Who would risk a 20K with no chance to get anything back. Either the people are morons or the writers are morons.

  2. Michael Gnocchi says:

    I agree with rufus. I totally didn't understand that bet. The bet was they got nothing in return if he failed but the magician got the 20K cuffs if he won. Totally didn't make any sense. I ended up rooting for the magician for the sheer stupidity of the two.

  3. Kitty says:

    I believe it's just a show. The producer set this up to entertain the dudience. I bet they still have the cuff!!

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