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The holidays are here, and our favorite travel blog posts have survived the ill-fated Mayan apocalypse to tell us about them. From where to celebrate and where to avoid (if you can), to what to do before the next end of days — check out this week in travel.

Gadling brings us the top holiday travel destinations. New York catapults to the top of the list for New Year’s Eve, but it doesn’t top the list overall.

Atlas Obscura peeks into the 5 swankiest bunkers for surviving the next apocalypse.

The Culture-ist finds out what to do if contract Giardia (a parasite found in contaminated food and water), are tricked by a bird poop scam or robbed while traveling — scary stuff.

Mighty Girl has her life list all planned out, even if it isn’t the end of days. Of her “100 Things To Do Before I Go,” how many can you check off?

Grantourismo explains why they are spending Christmas in Hanoi. See what happens when 2 of our favorite globetrotters decide to celebrate spontaneity.

See what else happened this week with our This Week in Photos gallery!

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  1. Lara Dunston says:

    Thanks for including us above! The challenge is now to figure out what Vietnamese cook, eat and do on Christmas Day. We're originally from Australia (although we moved overseas in 1998), and Down Under we open presents in the morning and have an indulgent breakfast (eggs with smoked salmon and caviar, that sort of thing), eat lots of seafood for lunch – generally fresh, also barbecued – matched with good bottles of sparkling and white wine, soak up the sunshine, and head to a beach if we're near one, or shelter somewhere cool if we're not. Then Boxing Day means a lazy day watching the cricket on 'tele' and picking at the leftovers. In Hanoi? No idea. But about to find out…

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