It was a big year. The Olympics took over London, and James Bond returned to the box office for the 23rd time. We took a tour of the Twilight destinations and even learned where Gangnam is. 2012 is definitely a year to remember, so let us jog your memory before we jump into 2013 …

1. Obama returned to the White House, but not before we challenged the candidates to a City vs. City showdown. Obama and Romney each have their share of enviable destinations – question is: whose shoes would you rather be in?

2. We celebrated the release of Skyfall with a look back at the locations of all the James Bond movies. Trust us, there are a lot.

3. We revisited the places where the Hatfields and McCoys fought their famous family feud. Who knew there was so much history on both sides of the Tug River Valley?

4. The world is a big place, but it’s easy to get bored with “reality” — which is why we took a tour of the best destinations that take “fantasy vacation” to another level. A quick jaunt to Narnia, anyone?

5. Everyone had royal fever this year (and every year), so we kept our eye on the world’s favorite royal couple William and Kate as they globetrotted in newlywed bliss.

6. With an event so chock-full of history, how could we not take a look through the annals of Summer Olympics? Relive the Olympic magic with our Summer Olympics Through the Years photo gallery.

7. In preparation for the Olympics, David Beckham gave us his picks for the best places to go in London. Who would know better than Britain’s unofficial prince?

8. We followed the Hobbit trail throughout New Zealand and saw all the magical places that have spawned an era of Tolkien tourism.

9. Ok, fine, so we fell for the Mayan Apocalypse like everyone else. But at least it got our editors to make a travel bucket list — and thank goodness we now have the time to actually fulfill these travel dreams!

10. This year, ladies lost their chances with Justin Timberlake and Ryan Reynolds (again). But that’s okay, because their weddings (along with other celebrity nuptials) gave us plenty of inspiration for our own dream destination weddings.

11. Is there anyone out there who is not totally enraptured by the 50 Shades phenomenon? You can count us among the masses of newly-enlightened readers, because we took our own tour of the locations where Christian Grey and Anastasia romped.

Check out This Year in Photos for a full recap of 2012!

What’s your favorite travel memory of this past year? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Steve says:

    A great run down. Undoubtedly, the Olympics has to be the year's highlight. It turned out so much better than expected and really lifted everyone amidst all the doom and gloom of the recession. Skyfall was excellent as well.

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