Calling all coffee junkies — we want to know where your favorite coffee is from! Are you a Papua New Guinea purist? An Ethiopian enthusiast? Instagram your favorite coffee with the hashtag #DangerousGrounds and we’ll feature our favorites next week, just in time for the Dangerous Grounds season finale!

Tonight, Todd Carmichael heads to one of the world’s least-explored countries —  Papua New Guinea — on an all-new episode of Dangerous Grounds. He scours the villages of this Oceanic country in the hopes of finding delicious Blue Mountain Coffee. But first he must brave the notorious Highlands Highway that’s known to be ravaged by local bandits, giving it a reputation for armed robberies and murders.

Will Todd make it down the highway in one piece? Can he convince PNG’s villagers to part with their most prized commodity? Find out on an all-new episode tonight, Jan. 8 at 11|10c!

And don’t forget to Instagram your favorite coffee with #DangerousGrounds!


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4 Responses

  1. Deby says:

    who sells the coffee shown in the TV show?? I would love to support the village that grew this coffee…what a wonderful program!!!

    • Kirk Greenman says:

      I couldn't agree more, Why don't they show us where to find this coffee? I would really like to try some of the expensive coffee that's worth buying. I have tried some Ethiopian Coffee and have never been able to find that flavor anywhere and that was on Maui in 2000.

  2. Kirk Greenman says:

    Where do you buy this Coffee, Great Show Awesome.

  3. asangiolo says:

    Thanks for watching! You can buy Todd's coffee on his company's website:

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