Ghost Adventures in Snug Harbor

On an all-new episode of Ghost Adventures, Zak, Nick and Aaron are joined by ABC’s Nightline crew to investigate a historic collection of buildings that were once used as a sanctuary for retired sailors. Any man that had served on a naval vessel under the US flag was welcome to live out his remaining years at Staten Island’s Snug Harbor, and at its peak, the campus was home to almost 1,000 retired seamen.

Sailors’ Snug Harbor has since been deemed a National Historic Landmark District, and is currently under the care of the Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden. But the impressive architecture and gorgeous gardens obscure the community’s dark past. Tales of gruesome murders at Snug Harbor arise from both urban legends and factual history. In the 1860s, a reverend and a resident sailor were involved in a gruesome murder-suicide, right on the steps of one of Snug Harbor’s buildings.

And rumor has it that a woman was stabbed to death in the Matron’s house by her mentally-challenged son … with a pair of scissors. Did this really happen? And does the spirit of the woman still haunt her former home? Find out tonight, Jan. 18 at 9|8c.


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3 Responses

  1. mike says:

    houw could you not recognize that unexplained woman's voice was saying …been a spinster my whole life?

  2. Mike Wells says:

    Guys —- I'm a big fan —- but what was with tonight's episode? I know the show isn't for children, it never is but the bloody re-enactment of a murderer child — graft and edited with lingering images — then a young boy hanged?

    Come on —- you guys are classier than that!

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