Sentosa is the Orlando of Singapore — an island comprised of a Universal Studios theme park, and as many spas, casinos and beaches as you could ever desire. Last month, the tourist-friendly island opened its newest addition: the world’s largest oceanarium.

With 12 million gallons of water and 100,000 marine animals of more than 800 species, Sentosa’s Marine Life Park offers a unique look at the aquatic world. Visit the park’s S.E.A. Aquarium — divided into 49 habitats that imitate the different environments of Southeast Asia, Africa, and further west, so you’ll be able to find all your favorite marine creatures. The highlights include a 118-foot-wide and 27-foot-tall viewing panel (also the largest in the world), which offers visitors a sense of how vast the ocean really is. Plus, there’s a tunnel that surrounds you with sharks! Visitors can also spot giant manta rays, dolphins, eels and angelfish.

At the Adventure Cove Waterpark, visitors can literally dive in and snorkel with 20,000 fish at the Rainbow Reef. Or — if you’re feeling brave — encounter sharks or feed some rays. Then, take a journey on the river safari, which meanders through tropical jungles and a grotto inhabited by marine animals. To add to its innovative theme, the park also offers the first hydro-magnetic coaster in Southeast Asia, an intense water ride that acts like a rollercoaster, using magnets to control the terrifying twists and turns.

For those who want to immerse themselves in marine life even more, spend a night in one of Marine Life Park’s Ocean Suites, with floor-to-ceiling windows so you can take in the underwater views right from the comfort of your bed. All for the low price of $2,000 a night!


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