Are you ready for the vacation of your dreams? A getaway worth $100,000 could be yours. Here’s everything you need to know about Travel Channel’s first-ever Trip of a Lifetime television special and sweepstakes.

When: This Sunday, Jan. 27 at 8|7c
What: The ultimate 2-week, $100,000 dream vacation
Where: The beautiful coasts of Italy and Croatia on the Adriatic Sea
Who: Your favorite Travel Channel stars Samantha Brown, Adam Richman, Bert Kreischer and Anthony Melchiorri reveal the trip’s highlights and YOU could win it.

How: During and after the show, customize your own itinerary and enter for a chance to win your dream vacation with 3 friends or family members in tow. Watch the video to find out more about the incredible prizes:


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114 Responses

  1. Arthur says:

    This is a tremendous offer and I would love to win this.

  2. jimcorbettparkresorts says:

    wow!!!! who will be lucky

  3. Arthur says:

    thank you guys for this great opportunity.

  4. Craig Haynes says:

    $100.000 for Italy & Croatia for 2 weeks,sounds ok but if I had MY choice with that 100 grand I would like to fly to as many National Parks I pick. 5 star treatment with fishing guides,hiking, fly a helicopter into yellowstone where nobody has ever walked & camp there with a chef cooking elk steaks. After we view the beautiful night stars with a great telescope im waking up to eggs and moose sausage. we take the helicopter to the airport near Jackson Hole wyoming & fly my lear jet to alaska's beautiful mountains. We jump on 4 wheelers to a wonderful resort. YES I could plan this out for 2 weeks perfectly since I was a mountain rescue Park Ranger for 5 years in the Grand Teton National Park

    • Kevin says:

      You described this in details in the hope that they'll surprise you with your wish? lol…in your dreams! :)

    • No1PuddleJumper says:

      Craig, I thought I reviewed some postings of what you're discribing, that's already in process when I saw them. When I find it I will let you know. I am sorry, the Trip of a Lifetime to Venice, Adriatic to Croatia isn't a gift that would enthrawl you .. Good Luck on the stated event you're sugjesting.

  5. Jan DiNatale Bouyea says:

    Oh my,, I am ready to pack!! And sitting in front of my TV..,watching the most exotic places in the world!
    Hoetl Danieli

  6. Wow… this would be an awesome vacation to win!!!

  7. Kimberly McCoy says:

    My fiancé and five daughters between us have been trying to plan a destination wedding for quite some time and some monetary emergency keeps knocking at the front door and we keep having to put our plans on hold. It would be an unbelievable dream to win!

  8. Hawuh says:

    How do I enter it?!

  9. Michelle says:

    Samantha looks like she is going to have a baby! How exciting!

    • No1PuddleJumper says:

      Hi Michelle, Yes. Samantha did have her babies…Yes, Twins….Boy & Girl.. Is'nt that the best ! I think of her oft in hopes the new family is coming along well.

      Take Care Warmly
      No1PuddleJumper (Shanne Glover) P.S. Sorta giggling ~ When you read this and you've just posted 2 wks ago you'd noted her pregnancy.. Meanwhile, she's had them… You're going to think that's the fastest pregnancy ever…. Wow ! *giggles*

  10. Serena says:


    • Mrs. Shanne Glover says:

      Hi Serena ~ I agree, I Have to WIN !!! *giggles*… Sending Good Luck on the "Trip of a Life Time"

      Regards: Mrs. Shanne Glover

  11. William Johnson says:

    My wife and I have never traveled to Italy or Croatia. Would absolutley love it.

  12. juan says:

    Love watching this show, I just sit and dream of all the places I would love to go, or work in the travel industry just to get to go to some of these places

  13. Keith says:

    I would love to be the one to win this trip me and my family really need a get away. I first saw this I got really excited becase this winter has been hard on my leg and hard 4 me to get around my girl friend has some of the same issues. So we are planning on moveing some where warmer. but a Trip of a life time would be just in time. we both faced hard ships and had recent deaths in both of our family so winter blues. and heavy on our hearts trying to raise a child by myself Im so glad to have her in my life to help me with a teen age girl. But we talk about geting the chance to have a vacation to eney where. I really hope I can be the winner of this contest. thanks everyone. oxoxoxo !!!!

    • Mrs. Shanne Glover says:

      Keith, I'm so sorry to read of the continued hardships that have befallen you and your family.. As each day comes, I hope you find easement upon your hearts…A breath of fresh air.

      Warmly and Respectfully Mrs. Shanne Glover

  14. Cindy Jenkins says:

    I want to go!

  15. Beth B. says:

    Looks like an absolutely amazing vacation!!!!!!! The scenery is beautiful and the seafood looks delicious!! Hope I win!!

  16. John DeNigris says:

    I love love love this show and I would love love love to win a 2week trip of a lifetime to Italian and Croatia. Come on, make my day!

  17. Moira Eckardt says:

    I love Anthony Melchiori, he is the best hotelier ever

  18. norris fill says:

    great show. I would love to take this trip.

  19. Juanita P. says:

    That looks amazing. I'm a 'guest'. Watching the beautiful scenery, food, hotels & activities. How do I enter?

  20. John DeNigris says:

    I love love love this show and I would love love love to win this once in a lifetime trip to Itali and Croatia. Come on, make my day!

  21. Rose M says:

    Beautiful, beautiful Italy, Venice, Borano. Love the show

  22. David S. Gamerman says:

    Wow,! Trip of a lifetime sounds fantastic! The scenery, the food, the first class accommodations, take me now!

  23. Stacey says:

    I would love too go on this trip ,It would be the best trip ever….

  24. June says:

    on the top of my bucket list to to go to Itily

  25. Jan says:

    Oh my,, I am ready to pack!! And sitting in front of my TV..,watching the most exotic places in the world
    Arrivederci !

  26. catherine says:

    Congratulations Sam on the twins!

  27. Teresa Johnson says:

    I never seen anything so beautiful then Italy …..I am Italian, and this has always been a life long dream… my maiden name is Gaeta and there is a city /town in Italy I would love to visit .

  28. jesse park says:

    We really enjoyed the old TV shows and would like to see more family and variety shows.

  29. Yetty says:

    Love travel channel, travel the world without leave my living room

  30. Bill says:

    True Trip of a LIFETIME !!

  31. Jeanne W. Condrey says:

    Watch the Travel Channel all the time. Always enjoyed Samantha Brown's travels. She is the best!!

  32. Pete & Angela Madden says:

    We have always wanted to go to Venice and watching the program of touring the coast of Italy and Croatia by private yacht and sailboat and touring car sounds unbelievable. Angela, my wife, has said for the last 10 years…she has to see Venice…before it sinks into the sea. I have discovered . . I love beautiful women…beautiful art… Beautiful architecture, fine dining, and beautiful music. It looks like this trip has so much more. Traveling and moving from one great hotel, with dining rooms overlooking the sea to another great hotel with unreal fine art. By private jet or copter or yacht has awakened many dreams for us. We can be packed tomorrow! Samantha Brown has brought us great travels over the years.

  33. Frank says:

    My entry is in!!! No need for anyone else to enter since I'm going to win. LOL. Good luck everyone.

    • Mrs. Shanne Glover says:

      Thank You Frank for your humor..Enjoyed… Yet, *giggles*… Thank you too on the Good Luck to everyone…. Hey, back at cha on the wonderful opportunity from the Travel Channel…

      Regards ~ Mrs. Shanne Glover

  34. Alena meyer says:

    Congrats Samantha! You kept me sane through a one year deployment in Iraq and another year in Afghanistan! My poor husband and little girls had to suffer without me, while protected our nation from terrorism. As we took rocket fire on our base in Kandahar, my happy thought was to make it through so that I can show my girls the world. You were my inspiration! Thank you for all the needed happy thoughts
    SFC Alena Meyer

  35. samantha says:

    i cant sign up for the trip of a lifetime need help please

    • No1PuddleJumper says:

      Hi Samantha,
      I just saw your post very late this evening… Have you figured out how to submit your information to be part of the contest ? I'll keep a peek-ah-boo on your reply. Sending Good Luck on the Contest.

      Warmly No1PuddleJumper aka (Mrs.Shanne Glover) PST

  36. Theophilus Bondo says:

    I love to watch the "Trave Channel" daily @ home & I hope to win this trip for "Lifetime".

  37. Tina Kesterson says:

    This would be a dream come true if I could win this for my Mom! We love to travel together and are always looking for a new adventure. I get excited just thinking about it!

  38. Rich says:

    Help me I live in Hawaii, I need to get off this island. When will you tell me if I won ?

  39. carole radic says:

    been to alot of places in Croatia,,love ,love, love it..I want to go back

  40. elvin depew says:

    I am a retired US Navy seaman and have traveled ther on active duty. It would be nice to take my wife with me this time.

  41. jfh55 says:

    I was trying to say earlier, Sam Brwno saved me. When I was going thru chemo she opened my eyes to the world and gave me a dream or goal. I have never traveled but know someway , some how I'm going to take my wife wife to a place we never dreamed of before!! THANK YOU SAM AND CONGRATS !!

    • No1PuddleJumper says:

      jfh55 ~
      A special note, thankful you were able to find a visual to hold onto. That gave you hope & a goal during
      your chemo. I'm sad you've had to experience this. I am happy you're well enough to key in and give a go for the hope of winning, for you, for your wife, for you both. Good Luck jfh55 on this beautiful contest from Travel Channel..

      aka S. Glover (No1PuddleJumper)

  42. Janie says:

    This trip of lifetime would mean the world to me. Most of my family and I have never been out of the country and I've never won anything. I pray that I am the lucky winner. It definitely would be the trip of my lifetime!

  43. roweljm says:

    This trip would mean the world to me and my family. We have never been out of the country and probably new will. I would love to get away and be able to suprise my family with this one and a life time trip. I pray that we will win!!!


  44. DOROTHY says:


  45. Jean Johnson says:

    I watched the show lat night, one world AMAZING ! Have been dieing to go to the Adriatic region! Can't wait to win. If I won the other to people go with us would be a donation to some unsuspecting deserving couple! I'd love to surprise someone as much as I'd like to win. Paying it forward.

  46. Sonja says:

    I would love to meet Samantha. I'm a big fan, been watching her for years. I like her new look. Is this her first child?
    I have dreamed of Italy for so long I been looking at pictures on the internet. Good luck to everyone.

  47. Cheryl says:

    My husband and I haven't been on a trip in forever. I have been trying to get him off the couch for years, to no aveil. He has been telling me for years that we will go on a cruise, that never happens. I know this trip would be the magic words to get him off the couch and go on this vacation.

  48. Fernando Rodriguez says:

    I am ready, I learned Italian and I understand a little Yugoslavian language, I can wait to practce both languages.

  49. Missibea says:

    This would be fantastic! Beaches, history, culture and lots of food!

  50. Kelly says:

    Where is the box to be able to re-enter every day for the Trip of a Lifetime sweepstakes?

  51. carl says:

    A vacation like this, and to the Adriatic. I don`t think I wold come back!

  52. Harold Schnabel says:

    The entry form is difficult to find. How do you find it. You need to make it more accessible.

  53. Darla B says:

    WOW! What a great trip for a second honeymoon!

    • Mrs. Shanne Glover says:

      Wouldn't that be marvelous for a 2nd honeymoon…. I'll go for a 38th Wedding Anninversary… *giggles*…. Good Luck on winning this awesome out of this world Travel Opportunity…

  54. Theresa says:

    I feel that in a previous life I was Italian. It is a place I have wanted to visit for my whole life. Someday, if not winning this I will get there. I watch every travel channel thing that has to do with Italy. I could be ready in a heartbeat. I even took Italian lessons for someday.

  55. cab says:

    I would love to win this awesome trip!
    My grandpa imigrated from Croatia when he was a boy with his family before WW2 got out of control over in Europe
    and march 26 is my bday,
    AND my husband and I have not had our homeymoon yet and we have been married for 3 years this april! Life happens and its hard to get away :/ I have been saving but always end up needing the extra $ this trip would be perfect

  56. Amy Adams says:

    I think I deserve a trip!!! I am 26 years old married with two wonderful children and a stay at home mom. Haha I need a vacation!! This opportunity sounds unbelievable!!

  57. ruhappy59 says:

    I can be packed and ready very quickly. I am still trying to figure out how to enter. Oh my, I hope I don't miss the opportunity. This will be a very pleasant surprise to win such an extensive trip. I haven't been able to get out of Danville, PA for over 15 years. I always wanted to travel somewhere, just once in my lifetime and winning a trip will be the "only" way it will happen for me and I have accepted that, so I continually find sweepstakes to win a trip and enter her often in hopes of one day being pleasantly surprised. I have a good feeling that it will occur and soon. I hope its this one or one to Alaska. I love to fish so where I win a trip to, I hope that I will have the opporutnity to do some fishing elsewhere or beside the Danville, PA Susquehanna River. Take care all and to all who entered, best of luck to each and everyone of you. I know this would be a trip anyone will surely enjoy and Good luck to you. Louise

  58. Patty says:

    After doing 6 months of volunteer missionary work on my own and at my own expence,I would love to return.I do not have the money to do this again,I fell in love with the country and the people most of all the children that I was teaching.I am 76 and don't have to many years left,so this would be a dream come true.

  59. wendy says:

    I would love to win this, ,great for my 15th wedding anniversary!! :)

    • Shanne Glover says:

      Greeting Wendy ~ What a beautiful Anniversary Celebration…Congratulations on your 15 yrs. I wanted to stop in and congratulate you on your anniversary and wish you good luck …

      Warmly Mrs. Shanne Glover

  60. Robert Nall says:

    Looks like my kind of trip

  61. Shanne Glover says:

    A Personal, Thank You, Travel Channel~
    for this adventure and experience to remember for a lifetime.
    What a Dream come true ! Starting off in Venice to relax & enjoy the beauty of the culture, the rich history and life of the Venetians. This is inviting for the spirit to soar with imagination and to relax in the picturesque visuals from the towns to sea, as it laps upon the shoreline. Graciously diving, into the culinary delights that sets the various communities apart. This too, is joyful to the palate inviting to the soul. Oohhh to take the Air Balloon Ride for the birds eye view over the breath-taking historical town-ships roofs with the hint of desire to lightly touch, a roof top is for a first time a joyous adventure and journey… To be given this joy of a life time; daily envelopes my heart to experience this whole heartedly. Again, A Personal, Thank You, Travel Channel for this adventure and experience to remember for a lifetime.
    Deepest Gratitude ~ Shanne Glover

  62. Heather Hotaling says:

    Wow !! What great chance to go to the only place I have dreamed of going all my life.i am half Italian and would LLLOOOVVVEEE to win this trip for me and my family.I am ready to go tomorrow so please pick me to win this wonderful trip.thanks to the travel channel for this opportunity to win this trip and I hope you pick me to win. :)

  63. valerie Singh says:

    I would enjoy going anywhere with Adam Richman. He and I could dine all over into oblivian… Valerie, Simi Valley California…..Meet me at the Elephant Bar in Simi Valley!!!!

  64. Valerie Singh says:

    I am trying to find the list you had last week of "Americas 101 Tastiest Places to Chow Down"…I cannot get that to come up again. Valerie Singh, Simi Valley, California

  65. Shanne Glover says:

    In viewing for the first time, the photos inside of Hotel Danieli ~ The words of eloquence, luxury, posh truly give insight to describe the magnificent Hotel Danieli. Yes, Oh, I agree ! ~ Viewing the lobby toward the stair case that romantically wraps upward cloaked by the gorgeous deep red carpet. A place, where romance blossoms into a depth of love, one can only imagine. In viewing the photos, In my heart, I wept for the beauty in the architecture and ambiance throughout Hotel Danieli, which is done so eloquently. Only to prove Love designed this magnificent Hotel Danieli.
    To walk through the doors after arriving…The thought takes my breath away….. The experience will be one, of its own. Enveloping my memory for the rest of my life.~

    Mrs. Shanne Glover

    • Vicki says:

      This blog invites me to be a part of this adventure & vacation. How Romantic.

      Good Luck ~ hope you win…..

      Mrs. V. Asmar

      • No1PuddleJumper says:

        Mrs. V Azmar,
        A Special note sent your way, to say ~ Thank you, so much for your kind thoughts. Yes, truly Romantic. I do hope you've availed yourself of this beautiful opportunity from Travel Channel as well. I too, send a message to you, hoping you win as well. ~ This is so exciting to be a part to experience the ultimate joy of traveling to Venice on through to Croatia. Oohh, the Island throughout the Adriatic Sea ~ The history, culture,architechture is captivating to me .. Again, sending successful winning hopes your way.
        Shanne Glover aka No1PuddleJumper

  66. Shanne Glover says:

    The relaxing enjoyment of taking a calm ride in a gondola traveling smoothly through the various water ways, viewing the buildings,homes and the people. Enjoying various wines, cheese and breads on the side while taking in the history,culture & architecture…
    This brings a warm relaxing peace to my heart for the joy of this expierence.

  67. Le Ann says:

    Our 20- year anniversary was 12/12/12…less than desirable day or week for us… not even time for dinner out. Our week was filled with flu, bronchitis, family diagnosed with Cancer, fender bender, 3 kids with hectic schedules, a job that demands 24:7 for my husband, that horrible massacre in CT., and Christmas shopping to finish and a speeding ticket to boot .This TRIP is obviously the TRIP OF A LIFETIME that we would never be able to afford….Gotta win!…Gotta get away from the madness! Happy BELATED Anniversary dear!!

  68. jen says:

    how do you sign up

  69. Sharon Christensen says:

    If awarded the trip of a lifetime my husband and I would like to start by departing Phoenix Arizona and fly to the nearest destination airport to Venice for a day trip in a terlimo exploring the area canales and stay in the Hotel Chiprioni or Danielli for a couple of nights, Then I would like to plan some day trips to aualandia or to Burano to taste the fool at the trattorio, Bovarto. I would like to return to the hotel Danielli to eat at th restorante hotspot, tour Harrys Bar, and partake of the Rssoto by the c hef at Mascareta. Then on to West Crotioa to tour Le Marche and beaches and take a drive in a Ferrari through the wine country. I would like to stay at the Prtino Potolico Hotel and visit the roman ruins in croatioa In Konoba I would like to eat at the Konoba restorante where the foold is 1 mile between hook and plate. Now on to Tovine the port citi and a night or two at the Monte Dolini where we would like to eat at the chef's valut and partake of is famious 19 courses.
    Now on to Dubronik Croation or Old Town on the Southern Coast of Croatia
    Here we would stay at Hotel Excelsior
    in the Presdedential Suite
    Have drinks etc in the Piano Bar.
    Next night on to the BellVoue Hotel stay one night visit local tourist attractions and dine at the Hotel.
    Then rent a Yaught and tour down the coast to see the beautiful Crotian Riviera.
    Our final day would be spent touring Preseco winneries, then fly home to Phoenix Arizona. We both have been watching the travel channel for years in the early 1990's we adopted our grandaughter and have been raising her and getting her off to college. She is doen with two years of medical school training, we have retired, she is working and this would be a ful fillment of a life long dream to travel. Please consider our request.

  70. Natalya Jones says:

    If not to try – never, why not! Let dream come true!

  71. tammyh155 says:

    Ciao….would love to win this trip as I haven't ever been to Europe…went to England with no money in 2009…I think Italy and Croatia would be heavenly after that….hope I win!!!

  72. Shanne Glover says:

    A short walk on cobble stone from Hotel Danieli is Doge's Palace an achitectual rembrant to repectfully wrap ones eyes and arms around for the history, the art and the culture. Again, this joy of the education & experience will be pricless.

  73. Shanne Glover says:

    Italian food is a gift with-in itself… A treat from A to Z ~ Wine, cheese's & meats that are blessed by the work of a families lifetime and love of the art. Pasta blends that tease ones palate and imagination which take one on a personal journey of their life time…. I've always said: " Food is Fun"…To feast my eyes & gently place on my fork the selected dish of Risoto & Black Truffle ~ The multiple choices of seafood will be a delight to my heart ~ The personal joy of evolving my tastebuds in the marriage of wines, cheeses, meats & breads will be as a waltz I've yet to know the music, as my thoughts are overwhelmed by the inner joy for what I will beable to experience as I am in awe over My " Trip of a Life Time" I stand and am graciously Thankful for this future journey ~ Mrs. Shanne Glover

  74. Shanne Glover says:

    I'd considered what I might buy while visiting Italy, the Adriactic… I would enjoy visiting & having Murano glass make a pair of wine glasses to celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary. With those comes a special wine that we'd both find delight in. In Venice visiting the makers of the exquisite masks from the Carnival de Sol. That I may frame the mask, placing the now art on my home wall to reflect daily on this wonderful adventure. Then, enjoy the many culinary delights throughout the Country. OOh, to wrap my tastebuds around caviar from this region of the world ~ Shhhhh, heart be still..~

  75. John says:

    My Wife I and have been married for 32 years and have never gone overseas or on any type of romantic vacation. We have four great young adults. It would be great to treat my wife to an extravagant vacation that neither one of us could ever afford. Thank you for the opportunity to enter. Wish us luck!

  76. Jim & Evelyn Schupp says:

    We would love to travel the old world for the first time.

  77. No1PuddleJumper says:

    I've learned a few more enjoyable adventures. Little beauties off the beaten track that makes Venice even more inquisitive.
    Sam, on Travel Channel; Shares what the locals enjoy certain times during the day. They gather at a Bacari. The variety of foods that lifts one to carry on before lunch or dinner. The Bacari offers food items called CICCHETTI as she calls them little snacks, before lunch or dinner. a refreshing beverage called a Balini Ohh, how delectable & the Open Market a place where the locals sell thier fruits, vegetables & meats this is so inviting, setting the mood as music is played in the background.
    What a joyful experience ~ this will be on the "Trip of a Life Time" ~
    S. Glover

  78. No1PuddleJumper says:

    What Would I Eat on My Trip of a Life Time ~ ?

    Learning of the joys in culinary delights from Venice to Croatia. How could they ever be listed there are so many wonderful delights.

    The freshest seafood that comes from the Adriatic Sea.The ocean has opened her arms to graciously give her bounty. The plan is to enjoy as much as possible. Truly brings a smile upon my face. I can hardly wait to feast upon this gift ~ As I've too learned of all the fantastic pastas & breads. Gnocci is a personal joy, bringing many wonderful family memories. The romantic blend of Garlic & Olive Oil so aromatic & when warmed brings any food from the sea or pasta made by loving hands as this parfumed beauty is lightly drizzled over all that ones heart desires to enjoy for that moment. My heart will leep for joy again, as the meal is accompanied with a glass of sparkling white wine from the Prosecco Region to complement the feast wheather for lunch or dinner. There in, is that special gift for us all to embrace and remember for ones Life Time.

    Yes, Seafood, Pastas, Risotto's, Coffee, Wine & Dessert will be a delight to the sences. Heart be still.
    S. Glover

  79. No1PuddleJumper says:

    A few more enjoyable adventures. Little beauties that makes Venice even more inquisitive.

    Sam, on Travel Channel; Shares what the locals enjoy certain times during the day. They gather at a Bacari. The variety of foods that lifts one to carry on before lunch or dinner. The Bacari offers food items called CICCHETTI as she calls them little snacks, before lunch or dinner. a refreshing beverage called a Balini Ohh, how delectable. The Open Market a place where the locals sell their fruits, vegetables & meats this is so inviting, setting the mood as music is played in the background. What a joyful experience. ~
    This would be away from the standard traffic of being a tourist. This is where I understand so many gems are found and why so many fall in love with Italy. Looking forward to this wonderful adventure through and through.

    aka S. Glover

    • Vicki Asmar says:

      Your explaination of what the locals do and the open market sounds fun. I've yet to go to Italy of which is on my dream list. & to have these ideas shared really help.

      Vicki A.


  81. Sher says:


  82. Sher says:

    Please!!!!!!! Let us win this it would mean so much to my Daughter!!!! PLEASE LET US WIN WE HAVEN'T GONE ON A TRIP SINCE MY DAUGHTER WAS 6 years old!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

  83. LacyJo says:

    Does anyone else wish that they were the only one who knew about this???????? I want to win sooooooo bad……..I would do ANYTHING for this ='(((((((((((

  84. LacyJo says:

    I reeeaaallyyy need this vacation……My mother passed away from cancer and I really need something to get my mind off of it…….I had cancer also but I was lucky enough to win my fight…….I wish the "Make a Wish Foundation" was around when I had cancer……..this would be what I would wish for……<3 <3 <3

  85. No1PuddleJumper says:

    To stay in the 5-Star Hotel Danieli is such an honor. To take in the beautiful history that is read about in books & seen in postcards. Taking my imagination and making it a reality, simply fills my heart with utmost joy. Just a few steps away is more history that to touch the columns of, the world would be silent ~ for my moment in my experience & adventure of this Trip of My Lifetime 2013 from Travel Channel. In St. Marks Square. Enjoying a meal out, at Harry's bar.Sipping on a Balini & Nibbling on Beef Carpacchio.~ ~Yippeee… Only to start this adventure for sure. What a super treat and gift of a Lifetime ! WOW !

    aka S. Glover

  86. No1PuddleJumper says:

    I am, loving the joy of writing about the discoveries in this Once In A Life Time Adventure & Experience. I have not been given the opportunity to enjoy Italy, Venice, Adriadic Sea, nor Croatia. As I write what I feel upon learning about these wonderful places through Travel Channel. I get so excited. I actually catch myself with a big smile in my heart and on my face. Giggling while dreaming upon landing in Italy. Transferring over to Hotel Danieli as I feel the breeze run across my face. Smelling the Ocean, Hearing the People hustle and bustle here and there,,, The Open Market Shop where music is played as the tune picks up the spirit of the people who work and live near by, to buy fresh produce, cheezes, breads & meats ~ Oh My !!! Simply the Utmost !!!! Taking a relaxing drive to and through the Vineyards up Prosecco Rd. to find as Adam joyously states: " The Legendary Sparkling White Wine"…I can feel the sparkles from the wine lightly touch my nose, as I take in the fragrance or bouquet of the wine, before I gracefully take a sip ~ my mouth is eager to taste this beautiful wine. To learn of the Culture and the Peoples,and the foods of Venice alone, is so amazing. To Tour in the Water Taxi around Venice there are no words to find; Except, to be in awe. As one nibbles from the basket the fruits, breads, dried meats, of course the delightful wines… Simply to slow down & take in every moment of this Gift of a Life Time from Travel Channel ~ A Warm Gracious Thank You, for this Wonderful Opportunity Travel Channel.

    Aka S. Glover

  87. Teresa Suarez says:

    This would be an absolute dream come true! Between mortgage, college etc I would never be able to afford something this magnificent….. After enduring the brunt of Hurrican Sandy, this would be something awesome to look forward to.

  88. Toon says:

    I want to win

  89. Donna says:

    I have never been anywhere so this would be the best trip ever.

  90. Eugene G Koscielny says:


  91. Kathy says:

    How do you know if you win? I love all the destinations, what wonderful trips!

  92. Elizabeth Duff says:

    We have never had the opportunity to travel overseas so this would be a fantastic trip for us as my husband retires!!! We would love to take our granddaughter for the great learning and of course, fun experience! Would love to WIN like everyone else,,,

  93. Carmen says:

    So who won the trip?

  94. DaNui says:

    thank you for the opportunity to at least try to live my dream trip.

  95. Thomas L says:

    ready to go

  96. jane denny says:

    I can't find on the web site who won the trip of a lifetime; anyone who knows e-mail me;;

  97. Sue says:

    Who won the trip?

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  • Barcelona, Spain via @willdrinkfortravel

  • Salfdarjang's Tomb, Delhi, India via @globetrottingchooks