Anthony is hitting the beaches of New Jersey in an attempt to revamp the Cape May’s Periwinkle Inn. Although the grounds seem to be in tip-top shape, other parts of the struggling 50-room inn are in major need of some adjustments.

Along with HGTV’s Casey Noble, Anthony and his crew spend some time with the owners of the hotel in order to decide how to redesign the lobby. After removing what looks like bulletproof glass from the front desk, Anthony puts Casey to work in an attempt to make the hotel’s guests feel more comfortable at check-in.

One of the owners, Claudia — dubbed “Miss Excuse” by Anthony — takes Anthony’s criticism the wrong way and leaves the hotel for the day. Saving a hotel is no easy task; tempers flare, name-calling ensues and sometimes the owners need to take some time to cool off.Will Claudia return with a more positive outlook? Will Anthony be able to put the struggling inn back on the map? Find out tonight, Jan. 28 at 10|9c on an all-new Hotel Impossible.

Plus, don’t forget to check out these exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from tonight’s episode.


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  1. Opal says:

    wow, great job with the hotel. . . .everything thing looks sleek, fun, relaxing, welcoming. . . .perhaps as a "little extra love," a personal makeover for the hotel owners? They seem to be so much more warm, happy, professional and welcoming than their exterior reveals!!

  2. Poc Cat says:


    Scrapped the new lobby that designer worked tirelessly to create? What happened to the grateful, tearful hugs?

    Claudia refuses to use the new web reservation system Anthony got for them at no cost?
    Because paper never crashes.

    Well poorly-run businesses DO crash. Can't wait for the Periwinkle to crash and burn, taking its stubborn, stupid, ungrateful owner with it.

  3. Ken says:

    Let me know when they go out of business, I would like to invest in the property. At that point I will bring Anthony in and actually do what he says.

  4. shadypines1 says:

    After seeing the mattresses used in all the other guest room, as well as how low-rent they appeared, I can't imagine ever spending $300/night to stay there. And the fact that they don't take credit cards?? That's just crazy. If you're staying 3 nights, you have to carry over a grand with you just to check into this place. I'm sorry, but I don't trust any strangers with that amount of cash, especially if they have a problem providing you with a receipt (as one guest reported).

  5. Jackie&Ernie says:

    Anthony appeared to be impressed with curb appeal and cleanliness of the Periwinkle Inn. Motel owners look like devoted owners Anthony and team showed owners a little updating is really all that is needed Pool and surroundings sure look inviting. And right across from beach. Unbelievable. Anthony made it possible to give Periwinkle a modern computer system It hurt owner's pride with some comments., especially with such a comment "TURD" Was that word necessary? Amazing to see Anthony win over the owners with pure diplomacy. Anthony seemed to enjoy being with "real people " who take pride in their business. Good job, Anthony. LOVE THE SHOW.

  6. MICHELE & FAMILY says:

    we have been following anthony with his hit show hotel impossible and enjoy to visit so many places with him – we were excited to see he had cape may planned – we are going down for a family coast guard graduation and we are anxious to extend our family reunion week at the periwinkle inn – we have children and were hoping to find a family friendly motel/hotel – this is clean & beautiful and the pride of this family shows in their lovely landscaping that i had to rewind a few times to believe how gorgeous just as anthony and casey said when they arrived – more hotels should try not to have so much concrete and beautify their property like the owners have done with the warm surroundings of flowers and landscaping – this show on cape may and the periwinkle inn was impressive – thank you anthony – enjoy you and your shows – great job always

  7. Dawn Mcintyre says:

    i am watching the episode that changes the Perriwinle Inn, I just wish they would have listend to him. I stayed there with my husband Oct 2013, it was an OK experience. I forgot to pack my iron and when I went to the front desk for a spare because there wasnt one in the room, the front desk didnt have one. Disappointed to say the least. Wont be going back anytime soon becuase the website didnt say if they provided one, I just assumed. My fault.

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