From now until March 24, enter daily to win a $100,00 trip for 4 to the Adriatic! Pick your custom trip, or choose one of the 4 itineraries curated by your favorite Travel Channel hosts — Samantha Brown,  Bert Kreischer, Adam Richman and Anthony Melchiorri!

Trip of a Lifetime!



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  1. Miguel Crisantes says:

    I love the trip of a life time!!!

  2. rebeccageddie says:

    would definitely like to win. i enjoy history and would like to see these historic cities!

  3. Daniel says:

    This trip of a life time would be a dream come true!!! I don't see a reason anyone wouldn't want to enter!

  4. Traci says:

    The great thing about these contests is that even for a moment, it is great to think you could win!

  5. Mavis Mabry says:

    I. Have dreamed of something like this all my life.

  6. kermit says:

    were have you been samantha we miss you. we also miss Ian.

  7. MonaLisa Conroy says:

    can't wait to win!

  8. Ben Sciulli says:

    Thank you for exposing the rustic beauty of Italy and Croatia for the world to see!

  9. Leamon Parker says:

    I would love to win the trip of a lifetime!

  10. Leamon Parker says:

    I would love to win the trip of a lifetime!

  11. Wendy says:

    I would love love love to win this trip OMG!!! This would be unbelievable!! I really want to win win win this trip!!!!

  12. Patty Burns says:

    Knowing that the hidden treasure of Croatia was unavailable to travelers for so long makes it even more inviting. My husband and I would feel blessed to see it!

  13. Joyce says:

    I am 56 and never had money to take a trip like this. I have a 90yr old mother and disable hubsand this trip would be a trip of a life time.

  14. tina schnering says:

    Im so excited,I told my bestfriend we have as good of chance as anyone to win this awesome amazing chance to make our dreams come true. Hope we win!

  15. Stephen Mircovich says:

    Some of the most beautiful places, islands and crystal clear water. Croatian people are very friendly, happy and fun to be around. Steve (zingo)

    • Stephen Mircovich says:

      Travel channel is one of mine most watched channel, one can discover many different places and countries around the world, beautiful places. Steve M.

  16. CASSONJA WILEY says:

    I will be fifty years old on my birthday this year in September and I need to win this vacation!!!!!!

  17. Can't enter trip of a lifetime.Can enter trip to big bend texas,which I'm not trying to do ,but not trip of a lifetime.Need help

  18. Dat dang says:

    I like your show

  19. brandybenson says:

    will u pick me and my husband we watch u guys every time we like the travel channel and my son is 9 years old and he told me to sign up he said i would win.

  20. Steve says:

    Thanks, we've waited for this opportunity. We'll be sure to provide pictures and family stories.

  21. Sandra Gonzalez says:

    I am so excited about the sweepstakes!!!!My ancestores are from italy and I've never been!!!!!A dream come true for me//////

  22. Susan McLarnon says:

    Trip of a Lifetime is exactly what I need, it is such a wonderful dream come true, love, love, love the Ferrari and especially the yatch! Would be great to take the grand kids, what an adventure.

  23. Donna Duddy says:

    Looks Luxurious!

  24. Daniel says:

    My girlfriend got the tip of her finger bit off by a chihuahua, I want to surprise her with the trip of a lifetime
    !!!! WOOO!!!

  25. Andre says:

    I am from Bulgaria and I want to participate in the "Tripe of a Lifetime", but in a List of state Bulgaria not listed! Does this mean that viewers in Bulgaria of Travel TV can not participate!

  26. selma bagala says:

    i woul love to win this thip, it's would be a dream come true

  27. selma says:

    this would be the vacation everyone dreams about

  28. Randi says:

    The local quisine is what I would be fascinated by. The Trip of a Lifetime……….Wow!…Not to mention the beautiful scenery, culture and people for a great change. How wonderful for the chance.

  29. Daniel says:

    WHOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! Gonna win this thing!!!! ;)

  30. mike says:

    my grandma was born in CROATIA me at age of 63 like to no how my grandma made the trip to the U.S.A. AND THE VILLAGE SHE WAS BORN ITS LIKE A DREAM TO WIN

  31. Daniel says:

    Still can't wait for this trip!!! Yehaw!!!

  32. Robbin says:

    Haven't had a vacation in 7 years, this would sure make up for lost time!

  33. kathleen says:

    i haven't been on a vacation in13 years Dream come true

  34. Susan says:

    Hello, can I change a different trip every time I enter the sweeps or it has to be the same one?
    Thanks and good luck to everyone :)

  35. Jan Niekamp says:

    If I won, it would be amazing, because I never went on a honeymoon with my husband, we have been married for almost 9 years. He was in the military and now a vet and going to college. I am going to college myself. It would be nice to get away from the children and enjoy each other.

  36. Joseph Griego says:

    To win something such as this would allow me to die in peace ( I'm not going to die ) how ever as much as I've done in this world and the dreams that I have installed in people's back yards would be my dream that I would give to my wife

  37. Joseph Griego says:

    If not for me then just for my wife whom I love dearly

  38. Debbie says:

    I have dreamed my whole life of getting to see places like this, instead of pictures in a book. I turned 60 this past year,and feel the best is yet to come! Winning this trip would be a total dream come true!

  39. WANDA H. KING says:

    Trip of a lifetime!!!! 30 yrs of marriage = vow renewal!

  40. M. A. Ashford says:

    Would be the greatest way to show my young boys what the world looks like and there is more out
    in the world then one could believe …… WOW This would be great !!!!!!!!! *****

  41. TAM says:


  42. Chantha says:

    I really love to win tripe of lifetime, for have a sweet of the life time with my husband.
    On his birthday and 5 year we been together.

  43. No1PuddleJumper says:

    What a beautiful complete vacation to behold, from Travel Channel. 2 weeks, of an experience to last My Lifetime. Venice to Croatia & in-between, is a dream come true. As the multitude of adventures & experiences throughout these countries, to me, is breath-taking. Croatia, is a beautiful gem waiting to be personally explored through the history, culture, architecture, personal arts, culinary delights, the parks & lakes ~ & on & on. The various islands that are off her coast as well as, the bountiful sea ~ Yes, a magnificent finish or easing off of an awesome memorable vacation ! That holds me captive in daily day-dreaming. Awaiting the call, we've been selected to enjoy this Magnificent Opportunity/Vacation/Adventure/Experience. *Tossing confetti in the air* for the inward joy of a long awaited vacation that stands above, my imagination.

    Good Luck to each of you . Warmly aka S. Glover

  44. mary ann koerner says:

    We are in our 70s and in good health,a trip like this one would be wonderful to take before we leave this beautiful world. God Bless the winner….

  45. sabina1709 says:

    So I was born in Croatia but when I was 2 years old, there was a war going on between Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia. Serbians kicked me and my family out of our house (that my dad built out of brick), they took our house and we had to flee to America. We are all citizens now but we have never been back to Croatia so it's probably a random drawing out of a hat to decide the winner but it would mean THE WORLD to me if I won this amazing trip. It really is a trip of a lifetime and out of all places I am so glad you chose the two most historic and majestic countries in the world for this trip. Anyone who wins this please appreciate it as much as I would. But I know I will appreciate it the most so I am hoping and praying that I win. I hear my parents tell stories about Croatia and I always get sad because I don't have that. I want to experience my birthplace and have stories to tell of my own. Both Italy and Croatia are magnificent.

  46. Yvette says:

    I would like go there please my dream to travel the world so come true

  47. Juan P Montoya says:

    I've been to croatia on my way to bosnia its so awesome i lost my heart there…

  48. sabina1709 says:

    Lilli B you better freaking appreciate this trip!

  49. jane denny says:

    why doesnt travel channel say who won?

  50. i agree this is fantastic! I recommend it!

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