In This Week in Travel, it’s all about lists. Check out top sights to see, reasons to travel, or packing favorites from these travel blogging experts.

With all of the castles, churches, modern architecture and ancient monuments, it might be a little overwhelming to figure out which sites to see in England. EuropeUpClose has picked the top 10 sites that you just can’t miss in England, from the famous Tower of London to the lesser-known Arundel Castle.

At 44 times the size of England, China can be even more of a daunting task when planning a sightseeing trip. But ThePlanetD has you covered with their 11 things they loved when they visited China. There are sure to be things you’ll want to add to your own China bucket list, like taking a bamboo raft down the Li River and visiting the giant pandas.

Have a hard time deciding what to bring with you? Delicious Baby has picked her favorite travel items for 2013. Use your packing cube to hold your foldable shoes and solar powered phone charger, and you’ll be set!

In honor of the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Young Adventuress gives 5 ways Jane Austen has encouraged her to travel fearlessly. She was inspired to get out of her comfort zone and explore the world, just like the heroines in the novels.

Want more timely travel inspiration? Check out our This Week in Photos gallery.

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  1. Steve says:

    While the climate is not always as good as other destinations, England does have some lovely sights to see. For those who enjoy walking in beautiful landscape, the Lake District in particular is well worth a visit.

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