Bourdain in Seattle

Tonight, Feb. 4 at 9|8c, catch the very last of Anthony Bourdain’s adrenaline-fueled, booze-brimming, food-filled layovers. His final 36-hour jaunt? An uber-quick trip to Seattle.

Watch as he ditches the airport to sample some of the stinkiest, stickiest cheeses that Melrose Market has to offer, buys his daughter a whoopee cushion at a toy store that caters to adults (and serial killers?), and takes a not-so-family-friendly tour of the city’s seedier history.

Want to visit that handmade biscuit joint or take a seaplane tour like Tony does in the episode? Check out our Travel Guide to get all the details from his trip, or download our Layover app (now free!) for all the info.

In anticipation for tonight’s episode, watch this missing scene — Tony discusses his go-to drinks for every situation, like when he’s in a Tom Waits kind of mood. Then tonight, settle in at 9|8c, Negroni in hand, to watch Tony’s final turn on Travel Channel.



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  1. Sean Giroux says:

    Tony I am sad it's over. You have truly been a friend who can't be replaced. Good luck in your future escapades and enjoy time with your family. Cheers buddy.

  2. Syd Crowley says:

    Dude, I love you but Dave Matthews in from Charlottesville VA not Seattle. So unfair!!!! Your fact checkers should have been on that.

  3. Faith Ventrello says:

    Dearest Anthony. I love your show however Dave Matthews is from Charlottesville VA and not from Seattle. You still have no reason to hate Seattle.

  4. Dan Dryden says:

    At the end of the Seattle Layover Tony is wheeling his suitcase into the airport.
    Anybody recognize the brand of Tony's suitcase?
    It appears to be a hard-side spinner that is asymmetrical – with a shallow side and a deep side.
    These are much easier to open in a small space than the type with 2 equally deep sides.
    Also more rectangular than tapered – more efficient use of space.
    Rimowa used to make this type but they're all symmetrical now.

  5. Ana says:

    Dave Matthews lives in Seattle

  6. Seattle is rainy says:

    Correction everyone, Dave Matthews is from South Africa, got started with music in Charlottesville and he and his family currently reside in Seattle.

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