There’s less than a week left until the all-new season of Bizarre Foods begins, and we want to know: Do you have guts like Andrew? Or are you chicken? From now until this Sunday, Instagram photos of the most #bizarrefoods you’ve ever eaten, and on Monday, Feb. 11 — just in time for the season premiere — we’ll feature our favorites on the blog. In the meantime, get a sneak peek of some of the strange grub that Andrew gets his hands on this season.



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  1. hautemealz says:


    Not the most Bizarre food I've ever eaten (that would probably be deep fried flying termites in Nigeria) but the most bizarre that I've gotten a picture of, lol! – Perry

    Perry P. Perkins

  2. Alex says:

    i am married to a filipina and in manila i eat balut and actually buy the fertilized eggs here in montreal to!!! In Palawan Phillippines i ate Tamilok and that was pretty extreme to look but the taste is actualy good with the vinegar!

  3. pj_lexx says:

    not washed pig's nose – cut off right after the animal was slaughtered, put on a wooden stick and baked on live fire. the two holes are very convinient to mount it on the stick.

  4. Camille says:

    Once ate grilled porcupine in Senegal ! Actually tasty, a bit like beef with slightly more fat around the edges .. but nice!

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