Steve and Amy head to Bloomington, IL, to investigate reports of horrifying paranormal encounters at a family residence. Their frightened client, Diane, says that she’s been scratched and seen some strange things, and that an entity told her she has only 2 years to live. Diane is desperate to stop the activity and believes that she and her disabled son’s lives are in danger.

In their separate, spellbinding investigations, Steve uncovers evidence of a deadly land dispute and hundreds of dead bodies buried on the property, while Amy encounters an eerie entity that crawls into bed with the living to torment them in their sleep.  Finally, the team unites to reveal their shocking findings in an effort to help this terrified family.

Will Steve and Amy be able to put Diane’s worries to rest or will Diane and her son be forced to vacate the premises? Find out on an all-new Dead Files, tonight at 10|9c.

Plus, check out exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from tonight’s episode.



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  1. Tony says:

    Just got done watching this episode… I have to say, I got a really bad feeling from the woman, Diane. Her responses to the reveal and the way she described her experiences especially in the bedroom scene really bothered me.

    It is too bad that they didn't go through with Amy's advice at the end of the episode, but in a way it just confirmed my suspicions that she might know more than she was letting on. As for me.. if I found out I was living next to a "Poor farm", I would be looking for a new place to live before the conversation was finished.

  2. Kari says:

    Around 57 minutes into the show, behind the female homeowner's right ear, there appears to be a dark shadow that moves up the wall when they are talking about the small dark mass in the basement.

  3. Deb R. says:

    Did anyone else notice during the reveal segment of tonight's Dead Files episode, a strange movement in the window behind their client Diane's right shoulder as well as what looked like a rat?

    • Kare says:

      I saw the black shadow movement too toward the end of the reveal; kindof like someone peeking around the beam really quick!

  4. Eileen says:

    The episode on 2/8/13 in the basement when diane said am I the target there was a blavk shadow that moved behind her on her right check it out

  5. Johnny says:

    I have just seen this episode. During the end of the Reveal behind Diane was something black moving swiftly in the background.

  6. Jordan says:

    So i'm a huge fan of the show. I never miss an episode. While watching the most recent episode (released 2-8-2013) i noticed some interesting movement several times behind the women who owned the house during the reveal. i showed it to several people and they all conclude we have no idea what it is. just curious if this is just a cameraman or not but. at one point it looks as if a dark figure peeks its head from behind a pillar. i think the tape needs to be reviewed. thank you

  7. Avid watcher says:

    Watched this weeks episode that took place in Bloomuington,IL & noticed a few odd shadows 3-4 different times when Amy & Steve discuss their finding w/the homeowner. Pay attention to the window area behind the woman shortly after the sketch is revealed all the way to the end. One shadow briefly may be a mouse in the background, but another moves in front of the window from the right to the left quite quickly and at another point in their discussion, an eerie shadow appears to move upward along the side/back of her head. Oddly enough there is a lot of similarity to what the homeowner & Amy decribe.

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