Whether you’re facing your fears, getting out of your comfort zone, or trying new things, traveling can be full of challenges. From losing their luggage, traveling for the first time, or even falling in love, travel bloggers this week share some of their most challenging experiences and why you should go for it anyway.

It seems like no matter how much we plan our travels beforehand, something is always bound to go wrong. Luckily, Vagabondish lists their 5 tips on preparing for the unexpected, so you’ll be able to handle whatever unlucky situation is thrown at you.

For a beginner traveler, the thought of going to a foreign country can be a bit daunting. Check out Unbravegirl’s post to find out what gave her the push she needed to start seeing the world!

Reading the recent criticisms of cruises might have you hesitant to jump aboard, but Emma’s Travel Tales explains why cruises should not be dismissed — it’s just as authentic as any other travel experience, plus it’s safer than crossing the street in NYC!

A starry-eyed heroine travels to a foreign country and finds the love of her life … Perhaps the plot of one too many novels and films, but does it actually happen? Find out if falling in love abroad is everything it’s cracked up to be in in Youngadventuress’s post about her own experience in Spain.

The words luxury and hiking don’t typically go hand in hand, but Ottsworld found this improbable mix. Located at the base of the Torres Del Pain Park in Chile, Ecocamp provides the best of both worlds with environmentally responsible tent-like furnished lodgings, guided hiking programs and solar-powered toilets — ideal for those who don’t like roughing it.

For more travel inspiration, check out This Week in Photos!

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