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Jamaica is a popular Caribbean getaway, and not just for college spring breakers seeking the nonstop all-inclusive booze-fest (which can easily be found). There’s also a different Jamaica: brilliant reggae, delicious jerk chicken from oil-drum pans, rugged cliffs, blue lagoons and overwhelmingly pleasant locals.

Parts of Jamaica are very easy (and thus relatively inexpensive) to get to. Visitors can fly directly into Montego Bay, which balances some of Jamaica’s classic luxury escapes, such as Round Hill Hotel, which features large, beautifully designed rooms by Ralph Lauren and breathtaking grounds, with more affordable all-inclusives, like the Iberostar, offering endless amenities (if a rowdier crowd).

With smaller-scale relaxation and better beaches, Negril is a bit out of the way (2 hours from the airport), but the drive is well worth it. Off the beach, bohemian bungalows like the Rockhouse HotelTensing Pen, and the Caves are tucked among lush vines on limestone cliffs about 30 feet above the profoundly clear water.

- Oyster.com Staff

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  1. debra woods says:

    I am so happy for you and your hubby I like the name Brook Lynn and Ciaro i think.

  2. Jamaica is lovely place for traveling and there is no doubt about that. There are lot of facilities are available there. Now it has been very much easy to find out each and every accommodation for staying on Jamaica from this blog. So thanks for representing the beautiful Jamaica to all of us and I am sure that will have a great journey soon:)

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  4. Leo Alexos says:

    Hi, I am trying to find a show that was filmed in Negril at Negril Yacht Club in 1998-99 supposed to be called 'Beach Ting' by Travel Channel. Please let me know if you remember or can locate the tapings. I was in the band called Ivo Wiser and The Airwaves. It would be so appreciated. Thank You, Leo

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