Can you handle the lockdown? Tonight at 9|8c, the guys investigate a century-old theater that now houses a strip club. The dancers and the bouncers report encounters with malevolent spirits. Could they be the spirits of the janitors who died in the theater so many years ago? Also, Zak meets a psychic who truly terrifies him with what she knows.

See sneak peek photos, and check out Aaron’s Vlog below to see what happens behind the scenes:



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  1. Maureen says:

    what is the beautiful music you insert in tonight's episode in New Orleans?

  2. Shelby says:

    i want to send a letter to the ghost adventures crew… whats the address i could send it to?

  3. sammer says:

    I just wanted to know…in the last new episode in bloody marry house what happen to the rest of the flim…I like it when you have bloody marry do vo-du that is scary

  4. Kayla Villalona says:

    I love how zak try's his hardes to connect with the spirits

  5. Kayla Villalona says:

    I think this week on Friday it was funny how Arron tipped over the pipe

  6. Michell54 says:

    In 1969 Allegheny Flight 853 was hit by a student pilot in a smaller plane. I would like to see Ghost Adventures Episode that visits this sight even if only for a few hours. I am almost obsessed with this crash site. After the plane crashed the wreckage was so wildly distributed over this farm that after days of recovery work the only thing they could do was cover the soil with more dirt and cover up what was left of body parts too small to recover and smaller pieces of the plane. .The most intact piece of person they found was a torso. So now this field grows crops and even now it will still stir up pieces of the wreckage. I would love to see the Crew check out this site. It is highly active, Check out the EVPs.

  7. gabe mongelli says:

    my house does not ghost but i hear voices and aperinoinous i love ur show and only 9 HELP

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