Anthony travels to the tourist town of Negril, Jamaica, in hopes of fixing the issues plaguing the beautiful Gardenia Resort.

Anthony’s attempts to capitalize on the nearly 3 million visitors Jamaica gets every year. The Gardenia Resort’s current occupancy rate is at a shockingly low 5%, and the owner, Carlyle, is behind on his lease payments.

Anthony instantly becomes frustrated when the front desk agent tells him to do his own research to find local activities. After calming down, Anthony sets his sights on the dark and dreary lobby and his depressing room.

After his initial walkthrough, Anthony turns to interior designer Blanche Garcia to help brighten up the lobby and some of the guest rooms.

Finally, Anthony attempts to break the resort’s general manager out of his timid, soft-spoken shell by taking him on a field trip to Rick’s Cafe for some cliff jumping.

Will Anthony’s effort to transform Richard into a strong leader be enough to elevate the Gardenia Resort to the top echelon of Jamaica hotels? Find out on an all-new episode, tonight at 10|9c.

Plus, don’t forget to check out exclusive, behind-the-scenes photos from Anthony’s trip to the Gardenia Resort.


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5 Responses

  1. CPT_Randall says:

    Great Show So Far!

    I hope Richard makes the leap, and becomes a good leader.

  2. optimesp says:

    From the picture posted, the Gardenia is a great looking property. I live in Jamaica and Negril is one of my favourite places for a few days by the beach, in fact, I plan to be there again shortly. I would love to help with the resurrection of this property by featuring it on my site, when the time is right.

  3. BenniGholami says:

    How appalling! Although I don't follow the show, I really hope that they've done something about the attitude of the service staff at the Gardenia resort, or the house will definitely be up for sale sooner than you can say "Rude!"

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  5. Karen keen says:

    i just booked the studio superior queen with kitchenette. I called today and spoke the most polite young lady Ive ever talked to in all my trips to negril her name is Jessica. Based on my first contact i am so excited about going to Gardenia. A friend of mine that lives in negril said I will have open access to the beach thru th resort there….

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