Tonight starting at 10|9c, catch 2 all-new episodes of Armed & Ready. In tonight’s episodes, Kevin Michael Connolly tries 2 things he’s never done before: jousting and street luging.

In Fort Collins, CO, Kevin visits a medieval fair where extreme sports take a historic turn. But will a man who has never been atop a live animal – never mind not having legs – be able to stay balanced and defeat his opponent in a jousting tournament? Maybe with a custom saddle and a little practice!

Then, Kevin heads to LA, the birthplace of the freeway and the skateboard, to try a sport that combines the two. Kevin skates everyday – in fact, his skateboard is his main mode of transportation – but can he handle going down a highway on his back at breakneck speed? Maybe if he can find a skateboard with brakes …

Tune-in tonight to see what kind of trouble Kevin gets himself into, and in the meantime, check out his photo journal!



3 Responses

  1. GHanna says:

    This is the best show on TV! As a disabled person it is so nice to see a refreshing show like this!!!

  2. Elizabeth Hall says:

    I love this show and Kevin is beyond hot! I am so pumped I'm the first on here to say it. Ahhh! :D He rocks and literally rolls (on his skateboard) such an awesome character, kudos to his family and him. Keep up being awesome! :)

  3. rush essay says:

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