Remember the days of Man v. Food? Of course you do! How could you forget the days when Adam Richman would go around the country to see if he could tackle a 12-egg omelet or a 7-pound burrito?

Well, get ready to reminisce — because we want to know: What do you think was the best Man v. Food challenge? Vote now for your favorite throwback moment from our top 10 picks!

And this Sunday starting at 2 p.m., get your fill of Man v. Food Nation, with back-to-back episodes all afternoon!



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  1. Stacy says:

    I watch all the reruns of this show! I wish it were still being produced.

  2. Aimyloo says:

    Please bring this show back! Maybe even Man vs Food nation where he hosts. He surely has a following and would have no problems finding places to go and volunteers! Adam is a great host!

  3. Rebecca says:

    How do I submit an entry for a restaurant I think is Man vs. Food worthy? I am in Texas with a pizza guaranteed to knock you on your butt.

  4. thanks for statistic.

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