Something terrifying is lurking in the woods, something evil is creeping around the hallways — something bad is looking to harm the innocent. Does this sound like something you’d like to come home to after a long day at work? Yeah, neither do Browns Summit residents Sheila and Jimmy. This unassuming couple fears that their disabled daughter is being attacked by paranormal entities in their North Carolina home.

The Dead Files’ Steve and Amy seek to find some answers. In their separate, shocking investigations, Steve uncovers past evidence of a fatal train disaster in the area and a hate crime in the couple’s home, while Amy confronts a beastly, dog-like apparition in the house that she fears can kill anyone who gets in its way.

Steve and Amy’s shocking findings are finally revealed to the family in an emotional and unsettling climax. Will Sheila and Jimmy be forced to move or will they be able to exorcise the demons haunting their home and live a safe, normal life? Find out in an all-new episode, tonight @ 10|9c.

Plus, check out these exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from tonight’s episode, The Beast.

And, don’t miss your chance to chat live with Steve and Amy on Facebook tonight after the premiere @ 11|10c.



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  1. Lois says:

    I had watch Dead Files tonight 3/15/2013 and I must admit I was very Interested in this program…. I really wish I could ask Amy question because we have activity going on within the home …Do anyone know I can get some advise

  2. Mary O'Connor says:

    Amy, it really bothers me on tonight's episode when you said that Carrie, the special needs daughter was possibly possessed by this entity on the property. I was taught by at least two priests that people can not be possessed without their permission-they may be oppressed-but they can not be possessed. A very similar situation occurred in another case with a special needs child, and the priest stated that the child could not be possessed as he did not have the capacity to grant the entity permission to possess him. In essence, he would have to do grant permission with his free will which this child did not have. I believe Carrie can not be possessed for this reason either. This does not mean, however, that she and the whole family don't need some sort of spiritual assistance-they absolutely do! Yesterday would have been good! It breaks my heart to hear that child cry and to hear how her sister challenged that nasty entity to save her sister. God bless and keep them all safe from evil!!!! Love your show & never miss it!!

  3. GermanRottweiler says:


  4. kenneth welter says:

    help me dead files my wife and I and my son Robert are experianceing voices foodsteps, and touching of the hair in our ranch style home in Tobyhanna PA . we have been here in our home since 2004 and we would like to know who is here? Can you help us ? Amy & steve Please contact us. Thanks ken w.

    • kenneth welter says:

      My wife and I and our son are exsperiancing voices footsteps,and touching of the hair . We would like to know what is here? Can you help us ? Amy& steve Please help us. Thanks K.W.

  5. Sonya says:

    Where is the place that you go to if you have something haunted in your home? I saw the commercial with Amy & Steve but I do not see the place to click on. Does anyone know where I would go?

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