Tonight at 9|8c on an all-new episode of Ghost Adventures, the guys return to the Goldfield Hotel in Goldfield, NV – the site of their very first investigation.

A boomtown with a rich mining history, Goldfield is considered a paranormal hotbed, especially to Zak, Nick and Aaron, who have had some terrifying experiences in the town’s hotel.

A fire destroyed much of the town in 1923, leaving only the hotel and the high school. The abandoned Goldfield Hotel is listed on the Nevada State Register of Historic Places, but its past is filled with some twisted stories. The owner of the hotel is believed to have chained his pregnant mistress, Elizabeth, to a radiator in room 109 until she gave birth. But after he threw her baby down a mineshaft, Elizabeth disappeared. Does she still haunt room 109? The GAC is on a mission to find out.

Get ready for tonight’s lockdown with behind-the-scenes photos and this overview of the guys’ own history with the Goldfield Hotel:



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  1. kathy says:

    love u guys….that woman who had passed who said "loveing words" then moved the leaf…i had such a smile on my face…what u do is great..would love to be there to talk to her…

  2. Deborah says:

    Ghost adventures, I know you mean well, however; I am a therapist and am getting increaseing complaints from parents about their children watching your show. I feel that Zack has anger that he has not dealt with yet, and frustration of the paranormal. I wish that you could explain to young people, that the show is sensational and that the paranormal is normal. We have spirits that are with us all the time. This is a normal process and I feel that spirits are a normal part of our world. I hope that other's are warned not to open the door to the spiritual (especially children) because their parents are not happy or understanding to the spiritual world. I don't like that children are scared because of your show. I hate even more that children and parents are misunderstanding your meaning. I know you seek out evil, and I feel that more of an explaination of your visits with a priest/shauman would be beneficial. I believe in what you are doing as I am a sensitive myself. I am concerned about the lack of the positive side of being in touch with the spiritual world. For the viewers, I find that a total explaination, good and bad would be more educational and more belivable for parents. I've never had to deal with the paranormal with children in my profession, although, I would like for them to feel safe. Sincerely, Debbie

  3. jaeltyler says:

    Best episode ever !!!!

  4. lisa Carter says:

    Hey guys! I got a different take on ELIZABETH'S message to ya'll re
    "LOVING WORDS", as a medium and as a lady. So many women are taught THESE DAYS NOT TO CURSE, and often from toddler age to "use loving words only, never ugly words". Etc. Im the first to let the f word slip ov when really angry and had that rock been thrown at my foot, "f….!!", followed by a dead sprint outta there! But I get so angry and offended when i hear "GD", .so prevelent in movies, as do millions. So imagine the nice, kind, ladies from this gen all the way back to 1800's, 1700's, even angels that I KNOW PROTECT YOU GUYS! A LOT OF THEM @ THAT! So, when the good spirits hear you yell, Oh F…!, they do get offended and do not recognize. U as the gentleman you are, as gentlemen would never speak that way, disrespectfully b4 a lady, ESPECIALLY THEN, BV EVEN NOW w so many! Plus so many taught exactly this, "use only loving words",imagine back then. They hear and i get at times confuse you as the eney based on what we hear bleeped. Plus, back then strict preachers, parents, etc. Thats what I got to tell you guys as part of your mission is TO HELP THEM PASS ON, BUT cant if they fear you based m curse words; their tell-tale RED FLAG. LOVE AND LIGHT! YALL KEEP SAFE IN THE BATTLE, NOW u know there is one. -respectfully, Lisa

  5. Jessica Spangler says:

    Dear Zak, Nick, and Aaron,
    I am from Henderson, NV and I have alway wanted to see you guys investigate Nelson's Landing mine. I have taken a tour there many of time when I was younger. A person in one of those group tours got a picture of a green face by the ladder where the guides turn of lights on you. I tried to get the same pic but the face was gone. The tour guide said that the floating face is normally red. Maybe it's something you can look into, I hope to see an episode of this place.

  6. MelNewton says:

    Tonights Investigation was/is awesome. I recorded it and am watching again!

  7. douglas thornley says:

    At goldfield when they hear "foe" "night" after the care taker said she would bring more flowers in two weeks.i think it meant "fortnight" which means "two weeks"

  8. Mark says:

    I love the goldfield hotel. It actually gave me nightmares, I was there with them, scared sh##less!!

  9. Mark says:

    I love the goldfield hotel. It actually gave me nightmares!! I would love to do a lockdown with them, especially at the Goldfield Hotel, its so creepy!!!

  10. J Kimberly Prieto says:

    I Agree That Zak Is Very Confrontational But Didnt You Notice When He He Heard Loving Words He Looked Like He Was Gonna Cry.. The Only Reason He Gets A Little Pissy Is Because The Strong Bully Of An Entity Who Im Sure WE ALL Figured Was The Controlling Bastard Who Locked Her To The Radiator In The First Place And Is Responsible For Hitting PPL With Whatever He Can Get His Nasty Energy Around Zak STANDS UP NO BULLIES THIS LIFE OR THE NEXT..Dont Let Your Kids Watch It Will Stay With Them Longer Than You Could Ever Know..Thank You Guys For Being The Big Brothers To These Tormented Spirits Who Were Tormented In Life And Finally Have Someone To Say No More..J Kimberly Prieto..

  11. J Kimberly Prieto says:

    Amen To That It Was Draining And I Dont Think I Will Ever Be Able To Forget That Episode..

  12. Aaron Johns says:

    I think your hating. He does seek out positive stuff about spiritual after life and evil spiritual after life. I agree with some of what you said but not all of what you said. Sorry for the hate mail. What I said is true.

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