Glen Tavern Inn

Tonight at 9|8c, join the Ghost Adventures crew — along with special guests Brit Morgan from HBO’s True Blood and recording artist Mimi Page — on a heart-pounding investigation of the Glen Tavern Inn in Santa Paula, CA. Built in 1911, the hotel fell on hard times during Prohibition, and its third floor was converted into a brothel, speakeasy and gambling house — leaving behind some dark energy.

Before the guys even begin their investigation, they learn about 2 different sightings of seemingly solid, full-body apparitions, and hear a number of EVPs that have been captured in the hotel.

The owners of the inn have also heard some gruesome legends about the building’s eerie third floor, but are those stories just local lore? Did a cowboy really die over a poker dispute? Was a prostitute really murdered, decapitated and stuffed in a  closet at the inn?

The guys are on a mission to find out.

Learn more about tonight’s episode with behind-the-scenes photos from the investigation and get inside Aaron’s head with a look at this week’s vlog.


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  1. LawnCow says:

    I have stayed in this hotel. Amazing place. I stayed in the Penthouse apartment on the top floor. There is a chair in the corner of the sleeping room. I had to turn it to the wall when I went to bed because I felt something there. I finally had to get up and lay the chair on the floor.

    As I slept, I dreamt that I was strangling a woman in a long white silk nightgown,.

    I actually left at 3am because I couldnt sleep there anymore….

    Looking forward to seeing how this turns out.


  2. bella says:

    if I only knew you guys were there I would of stalked you there

  3. Jay Standiford says:

    About the 28-29 minute mark, a blue light flashes above the Irish Medium.

  4. siempre2 says:

    Hello, watching this adventure last night really meant more to me than the others I have seen. I used to live 8 miles east from this small town, Santa Paula, CA. I have been to the Glen Tarven Inn many times and have heard about various spirits located in the areas Zach, Aaron & Nick were venturing. To be honest with you watching this adventure brought chills to my body probably because I know exactly where this location is and having been there. Thank you for showing this adventure with us especially since it sort of hit home.

  5. Steve says:

    Sounds pretty spooky. I'm surprised that folklore hasn't scared all the guests away!

  6. Rod says:

    I've always enjoyed Ghost Adventures, however, if the first episode is any indication as to the direction the series, I will no long watch. Cutting the throat of some, true or not true, is totally unnecessary in my opinion. It does, however, show the direction of our blood thirsty society. Welcome to the club Zak.

  7. Kim says:

    To me it sounded like the male spirit in the lobby said "corista" which means chorus girl in Spanish. Though why a male spirit would say that, I don't know, lol. I actually visited the Glenn Tavern and Santa Paula frequently about 40 to 30 years ago and it was rumored to be haunted then. I only went to the lounge. I love this series and you guys!

  8. Rene Torres says:

    Hello my name is Rene Torres. Iam a big Ghost Adventure fan for years.I was watching an episode today at a location called Sloss furnace. It was revealed that Zak recorded what he called a mist but on further review what they capture was a face of an entity. It looks like the face of an old man with a creepy smile.I thought i was seeing things but i showed it to my wife and she agreed it was an old mans face.Can ghost adventure please follow up because this can be one of the most compelling evidence ever. Please contact me,your fan Ray.

  9. Jason says:

    Used to live by Santa Paula. This Inn seems like an interesting investigation. Looking forward to watching the episode.

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