April Fool's Quiz

Did you hear Richard Branson announced Virgin Atlantic is launching the first-ever glass-bottomed plane? That there are plans to turn 5,000-year-old Stonehenge into a glorified billboard at night. Or that YouTube is shutting down after 8 years? Here at Travel Channel we’d never stoop so low as to play a cruel April Fool’s joke on you.

In fact, in honor of this fun holiday we’ve rounded up the wackiest, most bizarre travel stories we could find. Are they true or false? You tell us and if you get them all correct you’ll win a $100,000 trip of a lifetime …

April Fool’s! We already did that. Sorry, we’re not above the fray after all.

However, ace our quiz and you can stand taller with the smug satisfaction of knowing that you’re smarter than your travel-starved peers. Good luck!

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  1. João M says:

    What happened to your beautiful channel??? Me and my family used to be avid watching your programs, now the only thing you talk about is food and cheesy american shows!!! I point my finger to you because you contribute for the lack of culture and for the lack of cultural diversity in our world, you went from top to bottom in a question of months. And good luck in your quest to emphacize what is wrong with America and to show the world how dullard Amenirans are! Peace

  2. Really nice travel Chanel and so many nice informative information , thank you for the team who make and contribute really nice works, This is my best travel channel ever, i used to read Article which make me that i am traveling with them….i feel always missing to be visit….!

  3. youtube will never dead!

  4. The research papers written by undergraduate students mostly look like the filthy reports. They are mostly done for the sake of seeking marks and then get rid of it as soon as possible.

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