The small collection of mostly arid islands that make up the US Virgin Islands has long been a seafarers stomping ground — from the pirates of yore to today’s more abundant cruise ship hordes and the occasional yachtsman. And as they have for the past 400 years, people come to the islands mainly to drink, relax on the beach, and bargain shop — often, in just that order. Traveling to the islands, considered “insular areas” or “unincorporated territories” of the United States, is in many ways analogous to traveling within the US — citizens don’t need a passport, the US dollar is the official currency, and English is the official language. But a trip to the Virgin Islands still feels like a getaway with its laid-back atmosphere and sunny weather.

The islands’ hotels are largely concentrated on the 3 main islands – St. Thomas, St. John, and, to a lesser extent, St. Croix. Since the islands are so small, anywhere you stay will be within about a 30-minute drive from anywhere else on the island. Hotels range from the low-key, no-frills, family-owned spots, to all-inclusive mega-resorts, to more peaceful, luxe spots such as Frenchman’s Reef on St. Thomas. This Marriott resort underwent a major renovation in 2011 and boasts 4 pools, a beautiful spa and several on-site restaurants (although we’d recommend skipping them for local spots). On neighboring St. John, the Westin is nice beachside option for families, with tennis courts, a kids club, and numerous water sports.

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  1. Conch Shell says:

    Ummm St. Croix does have an airport……. o_O I'm surprised a travel site as reputable as Travel Channel got this basic detail wrong………..

  2. Rosalyn Lockhart says:

    Correction – St. Croix does have an airport. Not (to a lesser extent)…

  3. Debbra says:

    St. Croix has an airport.

  4. Debbra says:

    St. Croix is the largest island of the US Virgin Islands.

  5. Alecia says:

    Since when is St. Thomas the only island with an airport? I am a native of St. Croix, and flew there last year. The island has ALWAYS had an airport.

  6. KAREN says:


  7. Tim says:

    Beautiful view! Out of curiosity, are there any places to do beach camping?

  8. Greg says:

    They forgot to mention Water Island. Poor little island. Went there some years back when they still had Joe's. Such an amazing island.

  9. tdubs8 says:

    Definitely and airport and plenty of other things to do. We stayed at a condo and had a great time….

  10. Whether it's your first or 15th trip to the Eastern Caribbean, chances are good that one of the U.S. Virgin Islands will be a stop on your itinerary. St. John, the smallest and least densely populated of the three main U.S. Virgin Islands (the other two are St. Thomas and St. Croix).

  11. nice islands, yes Croix have a airport.

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