How would you feel if Amy Allan walked into your house and the first words she spoke were, “There’s a lot of frickin’ dead people in here”?

On tonight’s episode, that’s exactly what happens. When Amy enters her client’s home in Rock Island, IL, she encounters numerous frightening entities right off the bat.

Steve and Amy’s client, Melissa, is worried that paranormal beings are trying to harm her children — her son claims that something tried to drag him into the basement, and her daughter believes spirits are climbing into bed with her. Melissa has been tormented by frightening entities her entire life, but now that her children are being targeted, action must be taken.

Can Amy help Melissa’s family escape a powerful male entity that she believes wants to kill the living? Can Steve help their client get past the property’s heartbreaking history of violence? Find out during an all-new episode, tonight at 10|9c.

Plus, check out these exclusive, behind-the-scenes photos from The Dead Files: Evil Underground.



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  1. Dee Mack says:

    Love dead files! Steve and Amy are the best! Have never had any experiences like they have but would be so intriging to be in on the amazing things they are exposed to. Keep up the great work you two. Guess you could say I'm a semi-believer. The more I watch you the more I believe!

  2. Mary .. says:

    Watch the show quite frequently… find some of the happenings amazing !
    As I to have had things happen in my home that is unexplainable, I try to get the gest of what has occurred to me, through watching their show. But I have only found one large scratch on me that I was unaware of how it may have happened. My husband and I purchased a home in 04, the people who sold us the home was not very open about the home but had told us it was a one owner home since 1940's … the misses owner was still alive and had been moved to a nursing home.. however it became obvious to us after we took possession of the home there hadn't been anyone living in the home for a quite some time. We began the renovation…..and it became obvious to me I was being watched, that there was an entity in the home…At the time my husband worked midnights had not retires yet, and I was alone, the fear was overwhelming at times…What ever it was made the noises to scare me, I made up my mind I wasn't going to be scared of something I couldn't see. later on … just before 8 : am one morning I had been demoing and renovating a living room closet and had slept the night before back in the family room, this entity made its presence known to me, as I had gotten up and walked into the living room, there was a hissing sound coming from a side bedroom, then the sound of swarms of bees, then the next thing I heard was the crackling sounds like rattles on a rattle snake then there was a bell ringing like we hear in a catholic church, the entity came from the small bedroom and met me half way in the living room, my breath was taken away and this entity was in control, it tapped me on my left shoulder.. I will never forget the feeling when I had to stand back out of its way so it could pass me ….the dark shadow thing tall like a person walked past me .. and went into the closet I was renovating and splashed dark on the white dry wall and left all kinds of colors like that of a rainbow.. and then it disappeared.. I am very sensitive to my environment.. maybe to sensitive.. I want to move away but can't until next year … My husband passed away this year…. there have been a tremendous amounts of unhappiness here ….. I watch their shows to see what I can do about making my circumstances better.. no I doubt anyone could help me.. Its not an ongoing thing and I sleep with a Cross.. and pray.

  3. Tiffany says:

    That was very scary , sorry for your loss and I hope things are better I, don't know how you stayed in there alone .

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