The guys make their first visit to Mississippi in tonight’s all-new episode of Ghost Adventures at 9|8c. The GAC investigates one of the oldest buildings in the Mississippi River city of Natchez: King’s Tavern.

The owner of the tavern, Richard King, had a mistress named Madeline, and the guys are on a mission to find out if her ghost is still roaming the stairwells of King’s Tavern over 300 years later. Another one of the legends surrounding the historical inn is the story of a bloody dagger that was found behind a fireplace during renovations. The guys attempt to track down the owner of this dagger and find out the history behind it.

Will the guys be able to prove these legends true with the evidence from the lockdown? Tune in tonight to find out.

And don’t miss these behind-the-scenes photos!



5 Responses

  1. kim says:

    YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mark says:

    Wow!!!! What a lock down! I would have to say, besides the Goldfield Hotel episodes, this is definitely one of the creepiest. Can not wait to see what is next!! Would like to see them investigate it again to get revenge.

  3. douglas thornley says:

    The name fora larg group of crow " a murder of crows" look it up.

  4. Denise Grenier says:

    Hi guy's love your show my day isn't complete until I watch an episode before bed.I have a quick question for you, a challenge maybe? have you ever considered investigating "The Amityville Horror" house and put some of those rumours of it being haunted by a demonic spirit at rest? I'm shur it is but i'd like to her from you guy's and to see that, i'm shur that would sky rocket your ratings. Until our next adventure together see you then,Happy Ghost Hunting and Bye for now Denise

  5. Tim K says:

    Have watched all episodes and Kings Tavern is by far the best lock down from beginning to end. Incredible images captured wow great job guys! Whew weee!! What more does anyone need for proof after this one huh? This one is a classic for certain.

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