Unkown Caribbean Islands

Aruba, Jamaica … Bermuda, Bahamas … for better or worse these Caribbean islands have been forever etched in our minds thanks to the musical stylings of the Beach Boys. But because of their staying power and relative proximity, these islands have become slightly blasé. They’ve “been done.” But don’t worry — before you jet off to somewhere more exotic like Tahiti or Koh Phi Phi — the Caribbean still has a few unknowns to consider.

Our writer says “from St. Martin’s sister island Saba, run by openly gay council members, to family-friendly Isla Mujeres in Mexico, there’s an island for everyone, especially those who seek solitude in a tropical setting.” Check out 6 islands to visit now before they’re completely taken over by crowds.


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  1. Brianna Bakken says:

    Wow, thanks!

  2. Beautiful blog!!!!! its really interesting and knowledgeable….the natural pic of this place is awesome and fantastic!!!!!!!!

  3. Ana@Curacao says:

    There's also Curacao and Klein Curacao which are not on the list. Klein Curacao is a secluded island where you can relax and go fishing or spend some time enjoying the tranquility. Many people don't know about this island…

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