“Something is not right. Angry — very angry. They’re all losing it. There’s a war going on. I see this thing, like, whispering in their ear. It’s something evil. They’re kind of being possessed. This is demonic. They’re trying to kill me. They’re not safe anywhere in this house.” – Amy Allan

Scary, right? Enough to give you a heart attack? Maybe. Steve and Amy’s latest client, Amanda, didn’t believe in paranormal activity … until she had a massive heart attack.

Now, the rise in bizarre occurrences in her Michigan home, like inexplicable burns and scratches, has her whole family living in fear. While Steve uncovers evidence that the property was plagued with death and despair over the years, Amy encounters several dangerous entities, including a little girl that Amy believes can control people’s minds.

Will Amy and Steve be able to put Amanda’s mind at ease by helping her rid her home of these dangerous entities, or will Amanda and her children be forced to move? Find out on an all-new episode of The Dead Files, tonight at 10|9c.

For a more in-depth look at tonight’s episode, don’t forget to check out these exclusive, behind-the-scenes photos.



8 Responses

  1. Sheila says:

    Will this show ever air on Netflix??? Ditched the expensive cable around these parts and am looking forward to seeing these episodes again!!!

  2. frmnsal says:

    Amy's sooo hot!

  3. Heather Yahl says:

    How do u contact amy from the dead files?

  4. Rob says:

    Dead Files is the " Best Show on Television " !!!!!!!

  5. i know i am not crazy but i know something took over me one time it went all day long when my husband got home he didnt know what was wrong either it was weird but i for sure there is life after u die for sure i do know i just pray and let who ever i am with god but it is for real i dont ever miss dead files or ghost adventures thanks….

  6. Tim Hart says:

    I wish the travel channel would play more dead files and get rid of ghost adventure there really ticking me off by playing ghost adventure all day and only one dead files episode

  7. C Daem says:

    I agree with the comment above about ghost adventures. I love how genuine Amy is. She has a big heart to go out there and face the unknown, she is a soldier of the paranormal. More episodes please.

  8. adigiondomenico says:

    Hi Tammy, You can visit http://www.helpmedeadfiles.com/ and submit your information there for Steve and Amy's help. Also, Steve and Amy will be doing a live chat with the fans on May 24 at travelchannel.com. Hope this helps!

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