In this all-new episode of Toy Hunter, Jordan embarks on one of his most nostalgic hunts of all time. While minding his own business at Seattle Comic Con — trying to make his sales mark of $15,000 — Jordan receives a surprise visit from ’70s child star, Danny Bonaduce of The Partridge Family.

Jordan and Danny strike up a quick friendship, and Danny asks Jordan to go in search of one Partridge Family item Danny has been unable to track down: the 1971 Partridge Family Board Game by Milton Bradley. Jordan agrees to search for Danny’s request, and in turn, Danny asks Jordan to come on his Seattle radio show once he has found it, to talk about the game and Jordan’s rare toy-finding abilities. Jordan ultimately finds the board game, but also comes across many other rare vintage Partridge Family toys that he hopes will strike Danny’s interest enough to take them off his hands.

To find out more about Jordan’s visit with Danny, and to find out what other amazing items Jordan tracked down, tune in for an all-new episode, tonight at 9|8c.

Plus, check out these exclusive, behind-the-scenes photos from Toy Hunter’s Buying 4 Bonaduce.



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  1. Christine Beaupre says:

    I have a vintage Ted E. Bear by Animal Fair. This bear is one of six ever made. They were used as displays for the classic movie and smaller toys made by Animal Fair. The bear is so large that it was hung from the ceiling in J.C Penny. I also have the smaller sizes and the ceramic musical statue of Ted and his girlfriend Patty. Please help me find what this bear is worth!

  2. Jeff Crawford says:

    Hi Jordon
    congrats on selling $20000.00 on comic con
    i have a few things before i upload pictures
    i have an original barbie fold out airplane
    original easy bake oven
    pair of dale ernhart sr walkie talkies
    GE view master from the early 70's
    a variety of pound puppies and pez dispensers
    which include star wars superfriends
    i also have battery pacman mini tabletop that two can play
    space invaders hand held
    sega 16 bit system with a variety of games
    i have more but for the above mentioned
    if there is any worth let me know and i will send pictures


  3. Heath Hanna says:

    I would love to see rare Batman toys from post Adam West Batman
    I grew us watching (1989) Batman and 90's tv show with my mom and she bought me Batman toys but lost most over the years
    Heath, TX

  4. Terry Carter says:

    I am a toy collector, I live in San Pedro and collect Old Model kits from the fifties,sixties,seventies up to today. I have over 200 model plastic kits of all topics. I also have Hot wheels,Sizzlers cars and sets. Jhonny lightingcars and sets Plus comic books, mostly Marvel but some DC and other stuff. My collection is worth a visit.

  5. andrew watkins says:

    Hi Jordan i got 2 bins of rare toys from the 1990s

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