On an all-new episode of The Dead Files, Amy and Steve head to Buchanan, VA, where a once-quiet family home has recently been assaulted by paranormal activity.

Tysha and her family even moved to a completely different part of the property, but they’re still tormented. They had no other choice than to bring in the big guns: Steve and Amy.

Throughout this intense hour, Steve discovers the home’s brutal past as a slave plantation, while Amy confronts several spirits, including an evil entity that she believes is planning to destroy the home.

Will the evil entity get its way, forcing Tysha and her family to relocate entirely? Or will Steve and Amy be able to rid the Virginia home of the mysterious incidents that have been torturing Tysha and her family? Find out on an all-new episode, tonight @ 10|9c.

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  1. Lorriedel says:

    You might suggest that this family contact Stephanie Bird, the author of "Sticks and Bones." You can reach her through her publishers, the Llewellyn Co. I believe Stephanie could handle the situation, if not, she will be able to direct you to someone that will be able to do so.

  2. Lisa Greene says:

    Amy and Steve—How do I get help?

  3. Sam says:

    Very sad honestly I feel so bad for a couple who is not responsible for any of it's history yet are paying the price for sins of the past that they had nothing to do with. Finding a Hoodoo doctor or also called sorcers are not something i would mess with but I bet that couple can find someone if they look in new orleans, it's like the capital for those practioners. I hope they find what they can to help them aid in getting their home back, I would be so pissed by a spirit trying to drive out people because they want it gone but they sure do not belong on this planet either.

  4. Lily says:

    I am going to perform a protection spell for Tysha, Troy & their boys.

  5. Teresa says:

    Amy Please write a book! I get glimpses of the afterlife by watching the show and it is fascinating and compelling but raises so many questions. How can you avoid being stuck here, and how can you not get stuck in your death state ? How can you go on to the light? There seems to be hell on earth right here when you can't move on and it seems to be of your own making. I have also noticed that if the people are Catholic you need a priest, native american, you need a medicine man, hoo doo, you need a person who practices that. Does that mean that what ever your belief system is, that is what your reality is? So many questions..since we are all going to the afterlife how about a guide? Something like, "The Afterlife for Dummies"….

  6. nat says:

    they need to get checked for lyme disease, badly!!!

  7. Sal says:

    Does the show/producers ever follow up with people? What happened with this one? Did the family find a hoodoo practitioner or move??

  8. Thomas says:

    Yes, agree!!! Please visit at plastikiniai langai

  9. Carlota says:

    Can u perform one for me? Maybe I'm exaggerating but I feel something weird going on and no, I'm not mental.

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