St. Lucia Spotlight

Unlike more developed Caribbean islands, such as Aruba and the Bahamas, the sparsely populated island-nation of Saint Lucia still maintains a sense of unspoiled, exotic beauty. Its landscapes of pristine beaches and mountainous terrain are among the most stunning you’ll find anywhere in the Caribbean (and that’s especially true at Jade Mountain, an uber-luxe getaway popular among celebrities).

Though it doesn’t offer much in the way of dining, shopping or nightlife for its tourists — apart from the few jazzy rum punch joints hugging its cruise ship ports — St. Lucia has seen an increase in restaurants and shops as more and more visitors arrive, which is a blessing and a curse. Nonetheless, the island has a decidedly tranquil vibe for a beautiful, calm vacation. A romantic boutique located on a historic cocoa plantation, Fond Doux offers a solid value, as does the family-friendly Windjammer Landing, with numerous pools and water sports.

- Staff

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  1. atravelthing says:

    Would love to visit this island, nature seems beautiful. Hope it doesn't get to crowded with tourist before I get there!

  2. St Lucia is a beauty in delight. Its a beautiful place with nature all around.

  3. Looks terrible… not! Looks like a place to visit before I leave the planet!

  4. Natty Shirts says:

    Wow, those are some stunning photos! I’m a big fan of volcanos. If Bart loves jungle trekking, he should absolutely visit Costa Rica. The nature there is amazing! Thanks for your comment Gaby!


  5. mieo says:

    such an amazing view!

  6. Christina says:

    Looks lovely. Definitely a spot I'd visit.

  7. Awesome! i want take a trip go there

  8. Wow! It's so nice :) Such an amazing view!

  9. vijay says:

    Morvellous mountain view. I wish I would be there. Wonderful blog.

  10. Elma says:

    A great island to spend a tranquil vacation, even better if you're not looking to do much of the things you do at home everyday.

  11. Jamie says:

    It is more beautiful than the photos. Unspoiled nature hiking, snorkeling and sailing and warm weather.

  12. Johan says:

    I think it will great to be there.

  13. Super text, but the picture is doing its best work!

  14. xender1 says:

    Well, this is really amazing and I like it also.

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