Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Bret and his team are designing the epic RV of your dreams! Complete with multiple flat screen TVs, gaming stations and top-of-the-line finishes, this mega-transformed RV will blow all other vehicles off the road – and it could be yours!

The contest will run from June 3 – July 15, at which time viewers can submit a short video to Travel Channel’s Rock My RV show page, explaining to Bret Michaels why they deserve this rocked-out RV! The winner will be revealed during the one-hour season finale on September 1st.

From the crazy concept design meetings to the demolition to the big reveal, you’ll be glued to your seat wondering what out-of-this-world, retrofitted dream transformation Bret and the team have come up with now. But until then, enter your videos explaining why you deserve this dream RV!

And tune in to the premiere of Rock My RV on Sunday, May 26 at 9|8c to see what Bret and his team are capable of when it comes to building amazing, custom RVs.


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  1. STEVE says:

    how can i get bret to ROCK MY RV

  2. steve brownstein says:

    I have a vintage1977 dodge sportscoach rv that would be perfect for your show; It looks like abig boat!

  3. monica says:

    My husband works all over America working as a aviation mech. James is 4 yrs. marine , 3 years Solider .Just found a job in the States , after quite a few tours overseas during military and Civilian, after college. James is in the States now and travels for weeks to months, I Grieve for my love! The RV we have is older an its hard to drive cross country to Stay with him. Our children are grown, with Grandchildren. James and I are early 40's and we have been apart for so long, I am sick with grieve for James!

  4. Lana says:

    How do we apply to get Bret to ROCK MY (our) RV? We have recently retired and plan on travelling extensively in it…pls help us be able to enjoy our last years in it!! Thank you, Lana Harper and Sandra Silver, KY

  5. Mary says:

    We are a family of 6, mom & dad , 4 kids ages 14, 12, 11, & 8. We have been living in our 85 Winnebago for almost 10 months now. We bought our RV back 2006 with the thought in the back of our minds {you never know we could be homeless someday} That came to be a reality on Nov 2, 2011 when my husband lost his job, we had to short sale our home to avoid foreclosure. In August 2012 our home became our '85 Winnebago, but we Thank God we at least have it. Our poor old Winnebago has provided shelter & more…but she is pretty wore out her awnings are teetered, she'll give you a little jolt if you come knocking barefoot, & she'll shutdown if the AC is on & you try using the microwave & we have no hot water…there a few other things that aren't so glamorous about her, but she provides for us nonetheless & she deserves a pat on the back! PLEASE ROCK MY WINNE BRETT! She deserves it!

  6. Jerry Norris says:

    Can't wait to see the series begin !!!! My wife and I love RV travel, Our old Holiday Rambler is our home away from home. Hope we will get some good ideas to update our HR.

  7. David says:

    I am disabled and I bought a older RV and come to find out it needs work. I have had it for about 4 years and never taged it because it needs work. I am paying storage on it and cant use it. JUst after I became dissabled my son died in a car accident, he was my baby boy and he was going to help but now he is gone. This would change my life in a good way fror a change. I raised him by myself because his mother passed away with cancer when he was 5. He was 23 whan he passed. Please help change my life.

  8. Emmy says:

    For anyone wondering how to get Bret to Rock Your RV -They had an application process open ONLY to Los Angeles area & that process has long since been closed. Please do not stuff up the comments with asking or begging. Thank You!

  9. joshua pascual says:

    how do i enroll my mom in the contest?she bought herself an old RV 1992 brave 32 'feet and she has been fixing it herself.She drives it to the keys all by herself and is in love with her new project.She has raised me in my sister and we are all grown and would love to give her something back.She helps people everyday as a physical therapist and i truly want to have her be surprised with this opportunity to travel safely.Safety is my greatest concern with this new bobbie being and old RV and she is financially limited to replace mobile home parts which she may not realize are about to break while she is rolling down the highway!

  10. joshua pascual says:

    how do i enroll my mom in the contest?she bought herself an old RV 1992 brave 32 'feet and she has been fixing it herself.She drives it to the keys all by herself and is in love with her new project.She has raised me in my sister and we are all grown and would love to give her something back.She helps people everyday as a physical therapist and i truly want to have her be surprised with this opportunity to travel safely.Safety is my greatest concern with this new bobbie being and old RV and she is financially limited to replace mobile home parts which she may not realize are about to break while she is rolling down the highway!

  11. Vicky Dyer says:

    In serious need of a rocked out RV. We are 65 years old and love our RV but it is UGLY. On a fixed income can't afford a new one and don't have the energy to redo ours. HELP!!!

  12. Jeanne Lane says:

    I love to watch the travel channel, Please post something to end all questions how do apply to get our own personal rv rocked out by bret?

  13. Stacy White says:

    Hey there BRET, I would love to find out how to apply my 88 Pace Arrow to be rocked out from you. Can you let me know what I need to do. Thanks. Stacy

  14. Joy says:

    Okay so as soon as I saw this show advertised…I looked at my husband and said "we HAVE to get your dad on this show." Will be checking back often to see how we might be able to do this.

  15. Tonie Willoughby says:

    Bret here would be a real challenge. This is my first and probably only RV. It's a 1986 37' Coachman.i would love to be able to go RVing. Hope you think about it. I can assure you it truly would be a challenge.

  16. Amy C says:

    My 39 year old husband, father to two, Housedad to dozens and owner of an ugly 1997 32' Fleetwood Flair would be absolutely thrilled to be surprised with having his RV rocked. My husband has spent 11 years of our 16 year marriage being a surrogate dad to anywhere from 8 to 13, 5 to 18 year old children in various residential facilities. He has spent 24 hours a day nearly 365 days a year on average giving of himself to provide a better life for many less fortunate children. In 2011, on what was supposed to be a peaceful summer vacation spending time with just me and two personal children our Pop-Up camper had other plans. Over the span of two weeks, we suffered two flat tires and a blown out wiring system that eventually put us in the position of having to look for a replacement. We were blessed to have had our second breakdown near an RV store that just happened to have an RV that fit in our budget in order that we could salvage some of our summer vacation. While this RV is very pleasantly appointed, it is your run of the mill RV for that year with all the same accessories and accommodations as most and it does show its age. While I know he would not necessarily be looking for the most extravagant RV remodel, he would like to have it updated with new interior and a paint job (it is U-G-L-Y inside and out, taupe with pink and purple swipes down the sides and the same color flowery wallpaper inside). His ultimate dream for the RV though, in his typical always thinking of someone else mindset, would be that it could be altered to accommodate more than its current passenger max of six. His goal he has had since we bought the RV is to be able to take some of the children in our care on trips with us and provide something for them they otherwise would not be able to experience. Just a simple increase of two seatbelts and additional bedding for two would make give us room to take four of our students with us at a time. Joe is turning 40 this summer the number one birthday present I could possibly give to him would be his RV redone to make it last for years to come. Brett please Rock my husband’s RV!

  17. Jim says:

    HI Bret, have a 1995 Seabreeze class A thats needs alot of love by someone like you hope you will take a chance on a disabled vet. Thanks Jim

  18. Barbara garcia says:

    My husband is a 5 times fighting cancer and disable.We bought a 78 dodge pace arrow, 34 feet and its outdated and it looks we are in the 70s still…he uses a electric car, and there no place to put it in
    The motor home can you please concerned us in the show of rock my rv to get my hubby traveling and me out of my house..

  19. cheryl buchanan says:

    Would love to have our RV redone, we bought it and haven't done a thing to it and it needs a good over haul, we haven't gotten to use it and we have had it 2 yrs.

  20. Karen says:

    I would LOVE to meet Bret Michael and to have him Rock our RV. We have a 2006 35' Bounder with a few issues but is otherwise a great RV, and my husband and I are retired with travel plans.
    My husband is an outdoorsman from the Virgin Island and deserve to have his RV Rocked! He is a retired Vet and just like Bret blessed to still be alive…My husband has survived the Vietnam war and went on to work in Corrections where he was injured and had to retire a second time.
    My husband has worked hard all his life and deserve to have a ROCKED out RV by Bret…

  21. Bret if your reading this, Help! My RV is 13 years old and needs some tender loving care. My husband and I are what's called "workampers". We live, work and travel all over the US working at RV resorts and camp grounds for a wage and site. Tim and I are a younger workamping couple and for the most part are debt free (and want to keep it that way). There for purchasing a newer RV is not an option. We want to live this dream and NOT have to work to live this dream. Are truck is a 1997 Ford, but runs like a dream. Most resorts are looking for new RV's and I feel we will in the future be denied jobs because of the age of our 29ft 5th wheel and exterior paint. You want to ROCK AN RV, we are ready for you to do so!!!

  22. Rhonda Hathorn says:

    Please rock our RV. My huband works away from home for 3 to 4 months at a time and lives in our RV wherever his job takes him. I go when I can and love spending our time together when possible. It has always been his dream to have a nice rocking RV. We have a nice but older RV that we love, but is in need of some updates and changes. He deserves to be comfortable when he is living away from home, plus we love to take our children and grandchildren camping and boating. It is would be so wonderful to be able to depend on the RV. It has been a lot of costly repairs so far, and hasn't quite lived up to his dream. He works so hard for us and it would mean so much if I could surprise him with a makeover.

  23. i have a 87 ford 26ft class c in need of help but we still take it out all the time we love are old rv she has never left us stranded

  24. Margaret Teague says:

    Hey I got the R.V. that would be great for tv..Will my twin dose. And I don't think you can rock her R.v. it's to old.. That thing needs help lots of help. I just went down stayed with her a week.We started calling it the "no hope R.v."….LOL…Would love to see you try to rock that thing..LOve your big fan..

  25. Dwayne Duprey says:

    I have a 36 foot montana fifth wheel . I am a disabled fireman who would love to rock it in dedication to all my fallen brothers of 9/11 {343 NEVER FORGET }

  26. Terry McMains says:

    I am writing in reference to "Rock My RV," with Brett Michaels. My family and I own an RV (34' Bounder) and have been to hell and back in last 10 mos. In July, I was diagnosed with stage 2 bone cancer, lost my job and underwent major leg/hip surgery to remove bone & fight the disease. During this time, my wife and I discovered unborn baby had congenital heart disease and would require open heart surgery once born. He was born in January this year, his life was saved three times within his first week prior to his major operation. We have both fought hard, as has my family. Prior to my cancer, we moved to Arizona and on the way my RV blew the motor, we had to have it towed 250 miles to Phoenix where it remains. We are now in NM around family, our savings are gone. My fear is my new son will never know the joy of our RV life, which is heartbreaking. It was our treasure-filled life. I have 5 boys who lived for epic family trips in the Bounder. I am about to lose the RV, no funds for storage in AZ. I am begging, PLEASE HELP BRING IT HOME TO US!!!!!

  27. Zaid says:

    I like the show, I have ben rocking my RV since I bougth it ( 1998 Gulf stream sunvoyeur) I did get some more ideas from the first show, specially for the inside of the coach.
    Keep on rocking Rv's

  28. lisacox says:

    Hi I was wanting to know how i could enter my parents RV for Brett to consider redoing for them. They have some problems with it and do not have the money to fix everything that is wrong with it. They do so much for my sister and myself, that i would love for them to have a safe and comfortable RV to go camping in. My Dad has PTSD from his time in the Army and serving in Nam. I do what i can to help Mom take care of him and would like to see them get some help. Thank You

  29. C Eby says:


    As being a fan for many years (without disclosing my own age)….. I wish I could figure out a way to surprise my fiance with an RV makeover.
    He has been a Snap On dealer for 3 years. He resides living in an RV park while I reside at my moms until we can afford to come together.
    He works everyday and being a way for a single weekend makes him so sleepy and tired due to working until 12 – 1 AM when he returns after a Friday night to Sunday afternoon weekend with us 3 hours away to get his truck up and going for the next week. There are weekends I am there that I find being tired after helping him clean up the truck, cleaning his RV and everyday duties that I could normally do if we were under the same roof.
    My Fiance has been living in this RV with sometimes not having water due to a hose or valve to the water that has gone out. He lives in this RV to save us money and to help us be able to come back together. He lives so cheap that I feel so horrible when I leave or he leaves us.
    I really wish he had something better to live in. The RV is not in horrible shape, but there is water damage to the walls in the bedroom area. it is very out dated. He tries so hard to hold a smile when he is starrring around and to find a happy place in this RV. I wish he had a great RV to come back to and feel so comfortable after a long day of work (12-18 hours a day). He deserves happiness in so many ways. To see a smile on his face will bring me nothing but tears of joy. Please help us make this happen for him.

  30. Burnard says:

    where is the RV giveaway

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  32. lovi says:

    I would love to find out how to apply my 88 Pace Arrow to be rocked out from yo

  33. Adamson says:

    i agree but you can also see in my page http://www.domuslangai.lt

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