When retired police detective Steve di Schiavi and his psychic medium partner, Amy Allan, travel to Buffalo, WY, to investigate reports of frightening paranormal activity at the historic Occidental Hotel, they had no idea that they would be walking straight into the epicenter of a bloody battle — and a ruthless murder that took place at the hotel in the 1890s.

When the Occidental’s owner, Dawn, bought the legendary hotel, her dream was to turn the property back into an Old West landmark, but since her purchase her plans have gone south. Strange occurrences have been forcing employees and guests to flee the building.

During her harrowing walk, Amy encounters numerous frightening spirits, including a barbaric male entity who takes out his rage on the female guests and staff members, while Steve’s research reveals evidence of a bloody war that took over the town of Buffalo in the late 1800s.

Will Amy and Steve be able to rid the Occidental of its poisonous past … or will Dawn be forced to shut the books on her dream and walk away before getting seriously harmed? Find out on an all-new episode tonight @ 10|9c.

Plus, don’t miss these exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from The Dead Files’ Bloodlust episode.



9 Responses

  1. joni says:

    Matt,Ami and Steve we love your show but Ami please be careful.

  2. janice wlodkowski says:

    My husband and myself love this show. Amy isso spot on. I like the fact that the spiritual and the proof from the retired cop are combined to prove both aspects are great.

  3. Denise Hall says:

    Amy, how do I email u?

  4. Heide L. Neuweiler says:

    Dear Amy, Steve & Matt,

    I so enjoy and watch your show religIously. I worry about each of you all the time. I have often wondered how you deal with spirits in your everyday life Amy; are you constantly bombarded by any spirit
    that can recognize your abilities? Matt, it is obvious that you love Amy and are her link to a "normal" world in these instances. Steve, you exude such strength and seem to make all things safe. PLEASE never stop how each of you provide so many answers for those who are truly in need.

    With much love and appreciation,

    Heide L. Neuweiler

  5. Denise Hall says:


  6. Mikee (Chicago, IL) says:

    WOW!!! I LOVE this show. I have always been a die hard GA fan, but The Dead Files has certainly claimed the throne to Friday night's suspense and terror! There is a new crew in town, and their names are Amy, Steve, and Matt.

  7. Bee says:

    Love your show. I am interested because a family member of mine is a sensitive and confused about how to handle the situation. How does one learn how to control what is happening to them? It continues to make the person said because those that are unliving are so very sad or angry it is emotionally affecting them. How does one know a reliable source for help? I don't want this person getting hurt anymore, he/she is struggling so much already.

  8. I love this show. I watched it so many times.

  9. Christopher Pigott says:

    Your show is good and is seen by a number of peoples. I love to see and enjoy it too. In the shows English writing can is improved with the pay someone to write college essay. My whole family love to see the show and story is very strong too, and any of you are acting wonderful.

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