Bret Michaels fans unite! Rock My RV With Bret Michaels is finally here and what better way to kick off summer than with the legendary frontman as he embarks on a new adventure in the TV world — this time, revealing just how deep his RV passions run.

Michaels, a hands-on RV enthusiast, leads a team of skilled custom RV designers and fabricators, consisting of Bodie Stroud and Jake Scott, who set out to transform travelers’ ordinary RVs into the most outrageous, hooked-up mobile mansions on the road.

In Luxury on Wheels, the first of 2 brand-new episodes, Bret and the team chop up a family’s well-worn, shabby RV, and set out to transform it into a spacious 5-star hotel on wheels. The Littmans are true RV fanatics, who spend years at a time living in their RV, but their kids are getting bigger, meaning space in the RV is becoming scarce. Bret and his team have a plan in mind (think slide-outs), and with Michaels’ help, the Littmans are hoping to become the coolest family in the RV park.

In the second of 2 premieres, Rolling VIP Lounge, Dan “Punkass” Caldwell and Timothy “SkySkrape” Katz, co-founders of the MMA apparel company TapouT, feel their tired, 32-foot RV is in serious need of an upgrade … and boy, are they right. The TapouT guys are always on the road promoting their brand and need more space to relax in their downtime. Can Michaels’ team help?

Tune in tonight at 9|8c and again at 9:30|8:30c, to see if Bret and his team are able to transform 2 old, worn-out RVs in desperate need of a makeover into badass, one-of-a-kind RVs that could  rival those of any celebrity … maybe even Bret Michaels.

Plus, check out these exclusive, before-and-after photos from both premieres:

Rolling VIP Lounge

Luxury on Wheels


Road Trips

91 Responses

  1. melinda says:

    can I get my 5th wheel camper rocked out ?? I could really need the help? thank you

  2. NASCAR Rocks! says:

    My husband and I have a '96 Fleetwood Southwind that I would love to have "Rocked Out" for NASCAR! We have spots in Atlanta and Talladega infields, and would gladly display the handy work of the show! Contact us please and let's talk. : I am an 8th grade Math/Science teaher and my husband is a service advisor/manager at a GM Buick Cadillac dealerhip. Thanks for your consideration!

  3. vickie says:

    We rescue animals in an old 22 passenger shuttle we would love to have it redone Brett!

  4. Millie McPherson says:

    I would love for him to Rock my RV……………..

  5. Della says:

    Looking forward to seeing this new show. We love RVing and motorcycling and do both with our RV. Fun to imagine what Bret Michaels would do with one like ours.

  6. Michael Parr says:

    Our first RV is a Volvo 770 loaded with a singled out reader end. A powerful Detroit Diesel Series 60, with an Allison 10 speed auto shift. Being a model 770, the sleeper is a 77" deep sleeper, refer, microwave oven. Double bunks, and plenty of space to spread out in. In the rear we built a garage that is aprox. 9'x9'x9'. Plenty of shelf space and a hoist system for 2 Harlies, with a 1 ton hoist.

    For sleeping we have a 38LK, triple axel, 3 A/C, heaters, 2 flat screen tv's surround sound. Fireplace dishwasher, washer/dryer, king size bed. Everywhere is plenty of storage.

    N.O. Firedog, The Truck, and the trailer is ready to start camping, or ready to fix up and to make it a mega, she is already rift at 70'.

  7. Maurleen says:

    Looking forward to the new show! What a great way to recycle what you already own instead of more going to the junk yards. We have an old '74 Dodge RV with only 56,000 original miles on it! It's a cute little RV but is in need of a make over. Everything in it still works; sink, stove, lights, toilette, just needs a revamp. How do I apply?

  8. Christopher Care. says:

    Dear Bret, I do not know what it takes to get someone to contact you for a complete RV make over. My Grandfather and Grandmother who have helped us so much, I think they need a RV makeover. My Grandpa is disabled and or I am sure he would do it himself. He lives in Norman, Oklahoma he has a 1999 Holiday Rambler endeavor, although it is in pretty good shape, I would like to see them have flat screen TV and other things he has mentioned. The presently keep it at Lake Texoma at Mr.T's Boat and RV storage. I really don't know much about the RV but I know many times he has mentioned he would like new flooring, and full body paint. If you can help Great and if not , well that's Ok too. His name is Dwayne Mangus, 421 Hanging Elm Drive, Norman, Oklahoma his phone is in the directory. Thanks if you will help, they really need it, he is just to prideful to ask himself.

  9. Sarah Parent says:

    My family is LOVING this show! We sold everything, started working online, and hit the road 3 years ago to travel North America with our kids (now aged 8 and 10). It is an amazing opportunity to savor our time as a family and give our children the education of a lifetime – and can often be heard singing Poison songs out on the open road. We renovated the RV (a 2002 Fleetwood Bounder diesel pusher) ourselves and continue to make changes to keep our rolling home cozy. Truth be told, this baby could use an overhaul. Please tell me how to enter as a possible renovation for Bret!

  10. magnoliamini says:

    How do they pick the motorhome coaches they do for the show? Woud love to be on the list they choose from.

  11. Steve says:

    show looks like it might be good if it was a hour long.. Right now there are to many commercials and not enough show. Also it needs to show more in depth of what there doing to build the makeovers..

  12. Philip says:

    I was going to watch this and the cable decided to take of the travel channel..Oh this sucks

  13. Mrs. Robinson says:

    How do you submit an application to "rock my rv!"?

  14. Julie says:

    I love you Bret my mama gave us her 1987 bounder and we are hoping to sell our home this year so we can live in it full time and travel across the U.S. Our little 28ft bounder just needs a little tlc, like new carpet and seats new frig we dont even have a bed in it we dont want much just the comforts of home. we plan on getting rid of everything and letting the wind push us. we really need a carburator and a hitch for our suberu . my husband is a vietnam vet and disabled cal trans supervisor, whoes back is really bad at the moment. So anyway you could rock our world and our rv would be awesome. love you

  15. Mark Erler says:

    I'd love it if Bret Michaels would rock our old tired RV. We love our rig and spend a lot of time in it. If you want a real challenge try rockin our 36 ft. 1990 Bounder. It runs great but has some real cosmetic issues. Please "Rock my Rv" Bret.

  16. Adam Lowe says:

    How can I get my RV on the show?

  17. Dawn R. says:

    I have always been a huge fan of Brett Michaels. I think this new show is amazing. I would love it if I could get my mom's & my RV on there. It is in dispirit need of a serious makeover. Her, my two boys, myself, and pets have lived in it for 7 years and it needs HELP. It is a 31 ft, 1 slideout, 1 bedroom RV. No room and black mold, which is not good with my youngest sons' extreme allergies, and my mom's COPD. It would be great to get that kind of help.

  18. Terry Stevens says:

    Cool show! Wish somebody would Rock my RV!!! It's about time they did this to show people there are options out there. We live in our RV a 26' travel trailer. that is loaded with black mold. So we keep the windows open a lot. It's not a toy hauler but does haul my motorcycle on the back. Thats why I have not traded it in yet. Keep up the good shows!!!!!

  19. Amy C says:

    My 39 year old husband, father to two, Housedad to dozens and owner of an ugly 1997 32' Fleetwood Flair would be absolutely thrilled to be surprised with having his RV rocked. My husband has spent 11 years of our 16 year marriage being a surrogate dad to anywhere from 8 to 13, 5 to 18 year old children in various residential facilities. He has spent 24 hours a day nearly 365 days a year on average giving of himself to provide a better life for many less fortunate children. In 2011, on what was supposed to be a peaceful summer vacation spending time with just me and two personal children our Pop-Up camper had other plans. Over the span of two weeks, we suffered two flat tires and a blown out wiring system that eventually put us in the position of having to look for a replacement. We were blessed to have had our second breakdown near an RV store that just happened to have an RV that fit in our budget in order that we could salvage some of our summer vacation. While this RV is very pleasantly appointed, it is your run of the mill RV for that year with all the same accessories and accommodations as most and it does show its age. While I know he would not necessarily be looking for the most extravagant RV remodel, he would like to have it updated with new interior and a paint job (it is U-G-L-Y inside and out, taupe with pink and purple swipes down the sides and the same color flowery wallpaper inside). His ultimate dream for the RV though, in his typical always thinking of someone else mindset, would be that it could be altered to accommodate more than its current passenger max of six. His goal he has had since we bought the RV is to be able to take some of the children in our care on trips with us and provide something for them they otherwise would not be able to experience. Just a simple increase of two seatbelts and additional bedding for two would make give us room to take four of our students with us at a time. Joe is turning 40 this summer the number one birthday present I could possibly give to him would be his RV redone to make it last for years to come. Brett please Rock my husband’s RV!

  20. Dean West says:

    Bret Michaels Kick ass and so does this show. i wish Bret Michaels could rock my 1983 Itasca.

  21. Laura Kat says:

    Ok, That was an AWESOME show! I need Brett's help! I just "won" an RV it was an essay contest-who had the most touching (pathetic) story on why they deserved an RV. I beat out all the entries! So ecstatic and thrilled was I! Anyway, I went to arrange a flatbed to pick it up last friday and I found a recreational palace that apparently was the victim of a few people on acid. Besides a lovely map of the universe that outlined a place called "New Gideeda," the interior was adorned with cannabis plants painted with what appears to be finger paint all throughout the vehicle. I am devastated that I have to give up my dream of seeing the states. PLEASE HELP ME< TRAVEL CHANNEL AND BRETT!!!

  22. Dale Michels says:

    Loved the show & as a street performer, writer, artist with an old RV was wondering what procedure you use to find new projects. Somehow I see my old Dodge RV being transformed into a Steampunk showman's wagon.

  23. Christie DeFrancesco says:

    This show was awesome last night! Set my DVR to record the entire season! Can't wait to see what is next!

  24. Patrice England says:

    Loved Rock my RV!

  25. Russell Ault says:

    Super show Bret is a wonderful host Igrew up with Posion and the band ,and now to watch the lead man do this it is great.One question is who pays for the rehabs.

  26. Steve Schreimann says:

    Love your new show with Bret Michaels, Rock My RV. Been Living in a 28' 95 Fleetwood Bounder for 8 years. (Races-Air Shows & Traveling the good old USA

  27. Jared Hinde says:

    My husband works as a catastrophe adjuster and lots of times there is no where to stay when a town is demolished. During hurricane katrina we had to buy a motor home to stay in. Needless to say it could use some work so he can drive it around the country. Would love to know how to get on the show.

  28. Cynthia says:

    I would love to any kind, any size RV! I have always wanted one since I was a child and now my youngest is 12 and I would just love to go everywhere in my own RV! Maybe you could add that as an end of the season prize! And then I could win! WOW, what a dreamer I am! :)

  29. Cynthia says:

    Love the show. I loved that old RV and the way they made it original! It was beautiful!

  30. angela bogus says:

    brett it would be a long drive we live in florence alabama redneck town we have a 1990 georgi boy that needs updating bad we dont have no buried jelly jars would like some help pleaseeee

  31. Betty says:

    :( i don't get this channel..can't afford cable…wish i could watch it on here…

  32. Michaels starred in the reality television dating competition series Rock of Love with Bret Michaels, the first season of which premiered in July 2007. Jes Rickleff was the winner of Season One. However, she announced during the October 2007 reunion show that she and Michaels were not right for each other and told runner-up Heather he was all hers and that he should have chosen Heather. The first season was released on DVD in early 2008.

  33. Chuck Taylor says:

    The show was awesome! I am hoping that one day I will be able to fix up my old tired RV. My wife and I have been down on our luck lately, but last summer a friend of ours called with what seemed to be a great opertunity, IF we could tow it home from the side of the road we could have it free and clear. We jumped at the chance, hooked the 30' 1985 Heritage 2000 to the rear bumper of my dad's truck and slowly hauled it home. Well $11 later it was back up and running, not in the greatest of shape, but we love it. Smoke smell, water damage, water leaks, poor exhaust, 1985 curtains, lights that don't work broken or missing, and so much more, but it gets us the 5 miles to the campground and then back home at the end of the weekend. I really wouldn't try to go much further. With every penny I am able to scrape up we take a weekend and go camping, might just be two nights and one day every other month, but if we aren't working you might see us taking our vacation from home. Thanks for helping people with their warn out old loves! Maybe one day I will be able to do for my love what you are doing for others.

  34. Eric Pachulski says:

    I have a 2005 25' tow behind camper, I bought as a single Dad so my daughter and I can enjoy spending time together. I have been Active Duty Air Force for 16 years and sadly my camper was damaged in a storm while I was deployed. I am not able to fix the camper due to lack of funds and being injured while serving my country. I really want my camper back so I can enjoy it with my new wife, daughter and son. Please Mr. Michaels Rock my RV and let my family and I enjoy camping again.

  35. Van James says:

    Hi Bret, this program rocks. I have a travel trailer that we have been using for a storage unit. It is in nice condition, 2005, but someone took out one of the dining booth seats. Our son is out on his own, it's just us, and we would use it more if it were more our style. Our RV would be a perfect space to completely overhaul into a bad ass make over. I know from reading some of these comments that we aren't alone, but my wife and I have struggled for ten years, raising kids on a pinched butt budget, and trying really hard to make sure our bills are paid. We bought this a few years ago, but were only able to take it out three or four times because of space and lack of money. Please help us rock our RV.

  36. Alta says:

    My husband and I bought a used RV after renting one to travel. We loved it so much that we bought our own. It has been great but the rv seems to be very small when we travel. We don't have slide outs and would love to have that also. We want to travel the US with our rv and then also use it to do work camping when we retire. We got a good deal but do not want to get another one because the one we have is in good shape and drives well. I would love to see something done with it to give us more options as we get ready to retire.

  37. Greg Taylor says:

    This is awesome! We have a 2001 Holiday Rambler Endeavor 38ft that is multi-purpose! I race NHRA in super comp and my wife competes in agility with our Australian Shepherd Kora……our coach is definitely OLD SCHOOL and could use some cosmetic updating to look as fast as our dog and my race car! Hope to hear from you….

  38. Don Goodman says:

    seems lots of people need RVs updated. My 2007 Winnebago is a lemon and needs thousands of repairs/updates. Plus there is no storage room in this thing. Good Luck everybody

  39. Wanda Brashear says:

    First off, my fiancé and I are huge fans of Brett Michael. We love his concerts! My fiancé is a volunteer firefighter here in Texas and we have just started our Rv experience's. We saved our money for over two years to purchase our Rv, and now we have it! It was not easy by any mean' s, as we both have parents that we care for. My fiancé recently lost his sister to pneumonia and we are just wanting to not take one part of life for granted. Our goal is to take our parents on a trip of their life! Unfortunately, my fiance's mother is unable to get up into the Rv, from her health issues. My father, has had a stroke and is paralyzed on one side and is also unable to have the mobility that he use to have as a truck driver. We purchased a 98 fleetwood southwind. We just love traveling and would like to take our loved ones on a comfortable trip that they would enjoy. If nothing else, we will enjoy the time we have together and never take life for granted. As a firefighter, my fiancé has seen some really nasty things, and refuses to let that slow him down. He is my hero and will always be! I worry about him so much sometimes. If I could get a Rv that the toilet seat automatically closes and the cabinet doors close automatically, I would be a very happy firefighters fiancé! LOL

  40. Diane McMurtry says:

    Hi Brett, my boyfriend and I live in very small 2008 26 foot Springdale travel trailer. It has a big slide out that leaks like crazy. He is always trying to find where the water is coming from. The place where we bought it stopped selling Springdale and would not honor the warranty. I love to cook but I don't have any kind of pantry or place to put anything. We have to turn the air condition off to even use the microwave or we blow a fuse. I have had back surgery and he has tried to make the bed good with memory foam, but I still need something more. All I want is a good bath sometimes but no deal. My B/F is an aircraft contractor and we travel all over. We are bikers and dog lovers with only 1 bike and 1 dog. We both work 10 hours a night just to make ends meet. We LOVE your cool show! Keep up the good work and come ROCK OUR RV! We live in Hot Springs, AR right now and live on the lake. We love to have friends over for cook-outs but the awning on the RV is broken so we can't even use it. COME ON OVER AND LET'S GRILL UP A GREAT STEAK!!!!

  41. Deborah says:

    PLEASE Rock my RV 2002 Leisure Travel Van. Needs some help in the entertainment area so I can ROCK IT OUT!

  42. Barbara Fuller says:

    Hi Bret, greetings from Louisiana. We have a 37' 2000 national dolphin in excellent mechanical condition (bought it 3 yrs ago with only 34,000 miles on it). I am permanently disabled. My husband is gone for 28 days working in gulf of mexico; so, I am alone for 28 days. he is then home for 14 days, and rving we go. we love to travel and have been to many countries, but none is as beautiful as America the Beautiful. We switched to rving 3 yrs ago because it allows me to rest in between destinations and allows me to move around and keep more clots from forming. Our dream trip is to rv to Alaska. We are spending quality time together and with our four young grandchildren seeing our beautiful country with what time we have left together. I have already had 5 tia's, and multiple health issues. WOW!!! I love your show, and would be thrilled to have our rv rocked by you. Need more kitchen room, bigger fridge, and more bedroom space. God Bless You and continue your extraordinary work!!!!!

  43. lspringst says:

    I think you should do an Rv that runs on alternative fuel. Ballard and other companies are producing busses that run on fuel cells and hydro cells. It would be interesting to take a fuel gushing RV and make it beautiful and economical.

  44. dennis gammon says:

    Best I have a 77 chevy motor home that needs you help, I have lost my job and need help so I can live in it please be my hero

  45. Theresa Walden says:

    My Husband and I Lived In our RV in My daughter driveway for a year . durring that year I was dagnosed with COPD and on Oxygen for life they say my lungs are like a 90 year olds and I am only 50 years old. Our genorater has Quit working so no ac the refregerator quit working. It is a 1978 Airstream Excella and shower dont work sink dont work and microwave dont work. Please help us . I enjoy my rv but its tuff for me with my medical problems!!!!! I really would like for you to consider my RV so I can enjoy camping again. Thank you!!!!

  46. Ryker Behrens says:

    Hey Brett! My whole family loves your show! My dad is a Wounded Warrior US Army vet. He served in Iraq for 14 months in 2007. We ended up donating our RV to charity because it kept breaking down, but before that we use to use it to take family trips all the time. Both of my parents are in education, so we can't really buy a new RV. It would be really amazing if you and I could give my dad a new one! He loves to surf – a passion he has passed own to my sister and me, which is part of the reason we use to drive our RV down to the coast so much. If you could work your magic and get us an RV to sleep four, as well as fit our two surf boards, I know it would make my family's year!

  47. ronnie lawson says:

    bret,you always dream about retirement and the things you want to do well I have retired we want to travel but we could not afford a new rv so we bought a 1991 rv a old rv that I have to work on all the we are afraid to go very far with it. the only thing we want is slide outs for more room, but we would love for you to take it and do what ever you would like to do with it.rock on we love music too,

  48. max says:

    i love every single poison song there is

  49. joy decker says:

    We have a 1988 Fleetwood Southwind that we would love to submit for a makeover! How do we do this? We saved and saved for over twenty years and could only afford a used one. We have gone everywhere with it from our local motocross races (every weekend) to Sturgis bike week to the New Mexico desert (three years ago) but its now in real need of improvement! My 70 yr old motocross racing husband is our driver and he deserves his dreams to continue, for more than a few day trip, to a long awaited cross country journey where we can experience the Motocross Nationals and see the Grand Canyon, without fear of the roof collapsing. We love our wheels but can't afford the improvements. We miss the road and the freedom!!

  50. Larry says:

    My son is a performer, too, though not well known as Mr. Michaels and we have a '96 RV that we won in the lottery here in Iowa! It's served us well over the years being the dressing room for my Son and his then TCB Dancers when we did outside gigs such as fairs, etc.
    We watched the show the other night. Amazing how they could take an RV apart and redo it to look so cool! Loved the red RV they did for a couple. That put renewed life into their older motor home. Time does take a toll on RVs. Will be anxious to watch what they do with future shows and RVs. Great idea!!
    Keep Rockin' Bret!

  51. J. S. Hendrex says:

    Dear Brett, Rock My RV Baby …. I have a 39ft Sarai Motorcoach aka (The RoadHouse) . Moved to The Rockies to live. First winter heater quit/other, Needs work … HELP!

  52. richard ayres says:

    richardayres never have seen a rv redone anywhere in the midwest usualy onthe coasts we are interestedin the rest of the world also viet nam vet spit on when we returned bought a business car dealership burned down 1987 been working for another dealer since then getting close to retirement purchased an rv it needs some help 2002 32 foot 27000 miles been outside. thank you for what your doing very good rich

  53. darlene lillo says:

    Hi Transformationist!!!! I live in a one bedroom home less than 500 sq ft! I love it.. but.. I have a 2 yr old grand daughter that loves coming over and a 1 yr old grandson that will also be coming to visit. I live close to an hr away and with the little ones growing, won't have a place for them to sleep (they will outgrow my bed soon!) I can't afford to put on an addition but was given a 1989 Chevy Eldorado RV from my boyfriends father to help us out with accomadations. It's old, worn, brown and brown. We got it running and fixing little by little but it is a long way from being Kid Friendly n Bright… and I just don't have the money to brighten it up for my two bright rays of sunshine!!! HELP A G-MUM OUT IF YOU CAN!!!

  54. Christopher Gassen says:

    Hey Bret. hopefully you get to read this. my name is Chris i live in NJ where super storm sandy hit. i have a 78 dodge minnie winnie and im asking for your help. After the storm scrapers came from everywhere- they tried to break in my motorhome but the were able to cut out my generator. and this is bad because im going to be living in this for a long time i been planning on moving out to cali with basicaly nothing and i just figure id take a shot and ask because this is my home and its just not good enough. maybe you can help me out. Thank you. seriouly needing help-Chris

  55. Sass says:

    How do we enter??????? Our great friend Ronnie has a RV that he uses to go to Arkansas for family visits. But even cooler of him is to let the manager and band members for the Chicago land area cover band DAMNATION AC/DC use it to hang out in parking lots for their gigs! He could really use it and it would be so awesome if we could give him back something for his generiousity. Rock On Brett the show is great!

  56. PDropkin says:

    My husband and I just recently bought a 1996 Itasca Suncruiser. We do foster care in Kansas and currently have 4 foster kiddos under the age of 7. We also have a daughter that's special needs, age 6, and a 14 year old son. HELP us update our RV to provide quality vacations for our family!

  57. Carol Nellis says:

    Hi Bret
    Wow you are living my dream. I have loved RVs all of my life. I have just bought my 3rd Vintage Rv. I can't wait to start restoring it. It is a 30 Ft. 1954 Libery. Aww its so cool. Round old frig, old school stove. Bath tub.
    I would love for you and your team to see it. Is there a way I can send you pictures.? I'm in Tucson. I'm a single woman. I lost my husband 7 yrs ago. I'm not sure why I love these old Rvs. They are just so cool. This one has round windows on the doors, and is currently all original. I pull Rvs for a living. I truly have the Rv fever and I hope you will consider my Rv for your show. Thanks

  58. Debby Carlson says:

    The show is good, but as a couple who have to scrimp and save to keep our 1989 Bounder running and clean, it breaks our heart to see hard to find, original, vintage parts being broken and torn apart! Some of those windows, chairs, appliances, etc. could become a more cost effective way for someone to renovate their RV instead of them being destroyed and thrown away. Bad for the environment, bad for the economy! :(

  59. Lee noble says:

    We just purchased a 1983 cannon rv , my husband is a Hugh fan. Would love for you to do the rv but in Dallas cowboy theam lol . He a Hugh Dallas cowboy fan as well, Have pic to show u what it looks like. Would love to surprise him for Christmas or his next birthday lol hope to hear from you,

  60. Harold Thiele says:

    Where do you go to submit an application to have our 1987 Winnebego Redone????

  61. jmatthes707 says:

    I love this show! I love the way you, Bret, are helping families and people. It is so great people like you exsist that do things for people, not for profit, but because you have such a big heart. You are the best. This show gave me the idea to write this, and I would like to try and get my mother's RV "GET ROCKED", my mom was a single mom, raised me and my brother, when I was growing up, she always worked 2-3 jobs, while attending college, she works really, really hard and is on her feet all day, but the past couple years she has been suffering from severe arthritis in both knees, some days she can hardly walk and still works, nothing has ever come easy for her, she doesnt let her health stop her either. I am a lover of camping and we camp alot, due to my mom working so hard and having arthritis, she told me the only way she can go camping with us is in a RV. She has a old maybe 80's RV. Through the years she helped mulitple family members out by letting them stay in her driveway in this RV, and in return, they ruined the inside, basically it got thrashed, it runs, but you cant go in there, everything is broken, it needs to be gutted and everything replaced. i would love to give this gift to my mother because not only does she deserve it, but to give her something she can do to actually start enjoying life and be a part of camping trips with us and to get away from work and being in pain all the time would be a life changing for our family. It would be so wonderful to have my mom get something for herself. She really deserves the world, but we are not rich to afford to fix it ourselves, dont get me wrong, we get by and working full time and very hard, but I want my mother to be able to get out into nature, relax and start to enjoy life, but I cant on my own, we need your help. I owe my mom the world and it would be nice to be able to give something back to her. I love her so much.

  62. Jay says:

    Brett, I have followed you as an artist for as long as I can remember and it is no surprise you are putting your talent to something else amazing. I have a 1975 VW high top camper, it has been my dream car since I was a kid and I got it to transform into the traveling circus wagon for my wife and I. (we are circus performers, work with fire performance, juggling, dancing, acrobatics, stilt walking) Recently we adopted a 7 year old son which increased our circus family but cut into our budget dramatically. It would be a dream come true to rock my ride and get my little family on the road performing and seeing the country in style. I hope this finds you well.

  63. Susan says:

    My parents have an older south wind 36 foot motor they used to live in. They are getting older and after years of spending their retirement taking care of my ill brother the motor home is dwindling to a mossy mess sitting in Oregon. I think they could use a break and get out and enjoy themselves again. Hopefully Brett will want to help them thanks.


  64. burl says:

    we dont have a rv to rock can you all get a rv to rock for us. we are 71 year old couple white couple from stephens city va .my wife has a stroke 2 years ago cant walk or talk she try to talk sum times but you dont know what she is what we need a way to get her in a rv on a ele stricker like the fire department has but it has to run on batter so it go up and down.and we could take her to the dr in it medicare want pay to go to the doctor. only to the hospital and to get her blood clean 3 times a wk. she has open heart done to at winchest va valley health pick up and me up 3 times a wk to go and get her blood son has to leave his job to help me take care of his mother .not good house we are in now paying rent .the guy that owned the house told he going to let it go pay to the mor we would have to lived in the rv for a home. it me and my wife and son. hope you can help us out you the only hope we have . god bless you and your family.we are big fans of yours .best be said .

  65. Emily says:

    How do we apply? We are in Ohio and have an old Honey Bee RV that was given to us last year. It hasn't been used is about 10 years or started in about 3 years. My husband has been trying to get it running good and hasn't had much luck. I'm not sure how much work it needs. Its pretty rough looking and wont run unless he holds the choke, but it would be amazing if you and your crew could come and rock our RV! We love your show and have been talking about trying to get you guys here to help!! Thanks!!

  66. Beeboppin says:

    Help us we really need it and have the best RV to be rocked out yet it is the good OLDE FAITHFUL SKATE MOBILE! It is a rare 1981 Toyota Sunrader that sleep SIX, yes I said Six! It has dual wheels and a total of eight wheels, no comforts of home here no TV, no air conditioning, no automatic transmission, heck even the seat only goes so far back after all I'm a just little Toyota with a four cylinder engine that definitely could take everyone cross country MANY times!, but I do have a bathroom and shower imagine that! It was a very popular motor-home in the skating world known as the skate mobile taking so many skaters to the National championship every year who wouldn't otherwise have been able to go, what a site it must have been when we would unload six kids ages 2 to 16, 2 grandparents, plus mom and dad for a total of 10 cramped in to this tiny but mighty motor home from San Francisco to Florida many times over each year with no TV yikes! . On her days off LOL she was busy taking the kids camping, boating she was definitely a wore out poor motor home working the little engine that could even towing the small boat. Now for the sad part in 1999 my wife and coach became very ill and could barely travel even in the motor home, the last outing was in 2008. I know what a dream it would be for her to travel again in a Rocked out RV with some of the luxuries it could have today. My wife is in a wheelchair and has been now for many years, what a smile it would bring to her face to see this SKATE MOBILE back in action all decked out as would the many skaters who are now grown with children of there own.We've had the motor home for 32 years now and she is a part of the family just waiting to Rock and Roll again. This motor home is just begging to be BLINGED to the max for all of skaters who had a chance to call her home with some of the best memories on earth, so come on Brett let's do this for my wife the look on her face and the smile it would bring would be priceless!

  67. Lechia says:

    I love watching your show every Sunday on the travel channel. God bless you for what you are giving back. You have touched so many lives with all the charity work you do. While watching your show I thought to myself "I wonder if he could rock my rv". I took care of my mom until she passed away from lung cancer. She was my best friend. She loved to travel and I so wanted her to see the world as it was my dream to see it with her. As a little girl I've always wanted to take long trips on a bus. Shortly after losing my mom I was diagnosed with a rare peritoneal cancer. It was then I decided the time is now to travel and see the world. I have a 1988 40ft Champion Eurocoach that badly needs restoration. My husband and I began some restoring only to complete the mechanical parts, made purchases of air conditioners, stove, bathroom fixtures and other items.
    (comment continued)

  68. Lechia says:

    (continued comment)
    My husband and I began restoration only to complete the mechanical parts. We were able to make purchases getting air conditioners, stove, bathroom fixtures and other items before I became ill again and had to have another surgery and have not been able to return to work. So my project has come to a halt. I would love to complete my project and as a tribute to my mom name it after her and carry her with me doing what she loved. Brett, please "Rock My RV" so that I can do what I always dreamed of. Thank you and God Bless you and the crew for all you do.

  69. Angela Lee says:

    My husband is an old Navy Vet and a flooring installer for the last 25 years. We've raided 4 wonderful sons and we have 4 delightful grandchildren. We've already introduced the RVing lifestyle to our 2 eldest grandkids. They love it as much as we do. Our RV was actually given to me from my mom who passed away so it's all I have left of her. We lost our home to foreclosure and due to my husband losing work, we have considered full timing, living in our RV. But before we could do that, we need some alterations, a little modifying. We would SO love if if Bret would rock our RV. Just for once, we would love to have a bit of luxury in our home away from home. We go to all the RV shows and fantasize over all the beautiful elegant RV's but we could never afford them. So we're hoping that Bret will rock our RV…maybe a washer/dryer combo, another slideout for room if we DO have to live in it. Maybe some new appliances. A bigger shower would be OH so wonderful. Please Rock our RV. We love what you're doing for everyone! Keep up the great work, wish more stars felt the same way!

  70. Rand Kelson says:

    I have spent several years in prison due to drugs and alcohol. I have lost everything in my life and I am tired of it. I have been clean from drugs and alcohol for over a year now. I am attending Spokane Falls Community College in September to achieve an AA degree in Chemical Dependency Counseling. I want to use my expierance to help kids make better choices. Any waqy all I have is a 18 ft rv that I will live in while I attend school, but it is in bad shape. Please help

  71. mickey says:

    hey bret lets rock a rv for me made up for the kids of the special olympics i have a daughter who is 4 and has down syndrome she would love to be on your show she wants you to make a rockin special olympics rv that her mom and dad can take to the olympics that would really rock contact mickey kendra dad and let me give you this idea on how to rock the handicaped rv style man. hope to here from you a father who is down with the syndrome

  72. gabby says:

    love the show rock my boyfriends rv please

  73. itsamedfa says:

    1955 Chevy bus.. "if you love me, build my bus" says 1951 mom/grama.. ok, so you don't have to love me :o ) but my project would ROCK with your help!

  74. SKIP says:


  75. kelly ellis says:

    I am 44 years old and since I became disabled 4 years ago..i have a wife and two kids.. I have a 2005 31 ft coachman .. since I have become disabled we have not been able to use the rv or keep up with the upkeep..i would love to have it rocked by bret ..not just for me but my kid.s as well..if it was rocked and ready to go we would be able to start using it again…rock on..

  76. Pam Hammond says:

    Brett please rock my rv. We bought a cab over and right after my husband had serious heart problems, the Dr. was going for a transplant but lucky for my husband he came away with a pace maker and a difibulator. That was 3 years ago and he is unable to restore th 1989 cab over. We would really like to be able to use the rv before my husband is no longer able to. We desperately need your help.

  77. Linda Cornell says:

    I know of a disabled couple that could really use your help in rocking their RV! Their rv needs a bit of TLC but is sound, mechanically. How could I submit them for your help?

  78. reba says:

    Dear Bret and Crew,__First let me say my husband and I love your show. Now I have ready many of the comments from folks all across the country and must say if I had to chose whose RV to redo it would be a touch choice. With that being said I have a story too? let me start with 50 YEARS – My husband of 21 years just turned the BIG 50 on July 29th. I can’t think of a better late birthday present than having you and your crew to choose our 1997 Winnebago Vectra to redo (which could use a lot of work) . The story starts like this, my husband is truly my soul mate he just happened to be born 12 years before me, you see I will 63 my birthday on Jan 20th. His and my life together we have been thru lots of challenges and heartache. He spent 8 years in the army which he dearly loved, but got out on an honorable discharge to take care of his 3 year old son after going thru a divorce where he gained fully custody. When he left the army he moved in with his dad and stepmother and went to work for his dad in the vending and snack business. About 6 months had past and he was out working with his dad and his stepmother was taking care of his son. All the kids were in the above ground pool playing in the back yard to include his only child Zak. The step mother made the kids get out of the pool while she ran in the house to get snacks, when she returned to the back yard his son Zak was face down in the pool. This was very devastating to everyone

  79. Allen says:

    Nobody has a bus that needs the attention of a complete "rock out" makeover! It's a BLUEBIRD WANDERLODGE from the great year 1989! It has a good diesel engine, just needs to be "rocked" every rose has its thorn, and tis one was once a rose, but now has a few thorns! Would be an excellent choice for the next episode!!!!!!!!

  80. travis andreasen says:

    My cousin had a 3 year old child who has a condition which he has an extra chromosome his medical condition is very rare and less than 100 cases of this in the world. his health is always in bad shape. him and his wife purchased a rv to take their child to destinations in higher elevations where his sons health suits him better. his rv is not in real good shape, and i would love to see him get a chance to get a make over, this man and his wife are the most giving and selfless people who constantly have to worry about how long they will have their son. the child was not supposed to live past 2 yrs old. he has been blessed and now its time for my cousin chis to get help so that his trips will be memorable and easier to take. this man deserves a make makeover and his family would be so in need of a makeover. this is a tragedy which would be a great joy to be a part of. please help me.

  81. Adrianne says:

    Hello Brett,

    I purchased a rv for the first time and the people that I purchased it from got over on me. The motor home need so much work and I don't know where to begin. It is an old 1980 camper and needs a lot of work. I really want to travel because i have been in the same hometown all my life and is ready to go to florida, I would love it if you can rock my Rv…I love your show and I saw such amazing makeovers that you have done on the rv,s..Great job!

  82. Bob Anderson says:

    I have a 1981 GMC P 30 Step van that used to belong to the Winnipeg Police Bomb Squad. That I have been slowly converting into a RV. There is only 31,000 kilometres on it so far. It has been a retirement project for me. I plan to live in it full time come January 2015. Would you please email info on how I could get my bomb squad truck on your show to complete the RV conversion. The P 30 is a step Van similar to the 1973 Bradley Roxor conversion you did earlier. I do blog the conversion process on the internet at

    Thank you,

    Bob Anderson
    Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.
    Web page:

  83. nick says:

    Me and my girl have a 1986 Chevy fleet wood limited.class A in OK.shape to get it up and running for.our family!! Please help

  84. Bret, me and my brother travel the country doing volunteer work and spreading positivity on the road. We have been on the road for more than a year! Started on Nov. 26, 2012. We have a 1993 Ford E-350 shuttle bus that we have "converted" to live on the road to fulfill spreading our message. The van with no plan. We have had so many things go wrong with our bus. We have leaks coming from multiple areas, have had to replace MULTIPLE things mechanically to say the least. All of this money to do this is coming out of our pockets. As we showbup in new towns we jump into the community and find volunteer opportunities and anyway to make an impact on that community. The thing is, our bus dosent exactly look "presentable" to people. We think in order to create more vounteers and spread a larger meeaage and get more attention, we need our bus to be presentable and directly refelct our personalies and goals. We defintely stay positive and as we travel to say the least. People love the fact that were brothers and share the same mindset to help people. And the best way to do that we think is being on the road and dibing right in anyway we can. The thing with our bus though is that theres plenty of area to work with in the bus bus when we built the inside we just didnt do it very well and theres problems everywhere. The opportunity to have somebody (let alone Bret Michaels!) Come in and help us make our bus look presentable and just help with certain things would be a god given gif and just the kick we need to fulfill our dream of traveling spreading positivity through volunteer work and charity events! We hope you read this, and so does our bus ;) You can see what we have accomplished and some of our adventures at
    facebook. THE VAN WITH NO PLAN

  85. Sarah Bartko says:

    Rock out my r.v. 1989 mini Winnebago. I am a rocker too! And play drums in a band called Flyin' Lion! Just drove the r.v. From Alaska to Austin and it only broke down once, but I love the thing and want to keep it forever and it will be awesome when I'm 80 years old if you rock it out! -Sarah

  86. Julia Bickel says:

    My mom and step dad bought an used rv to bring to Mississippi to come see me from Indiana and bring other family too. Now that my youngest son is having a baby they want come down for Christmas and bring the family to stay in s condo but the rv needs some work could you help.

  87. samantha says:

    Dear Brett
    I am a single mother receantly divirced. My 2 yr old son and my self had to move in a 1997 30 ft fema camper trailer that was pretty much gutted out the only cabnet space I have is above the sink for dishes. It has major leaks in the roof and in need of repare through out top to bottom. My mom and her boyfriend was gonna help me repair it since he builds cabinets for a living.but my mom passed away this past january and now tgat help is gone. The reason I need help is because I do not have a job and am raising my child on child support and have no extra money left over to do repairs… I would be greatly honored and very greatful if I could get some help.. thank you for your time to read this post….

  88. Day5art says:

    DAY 5 art is my emerging art business. We want to hit the American road showing goodness across America. We have a 1998 bounder that has wonderful memories with out family. It is my 93 year grandfathers. I don't want to see it go to waist we want to make it beautiful again and use it to hit the art circuit in style. Please help us save it! Day5art(dotcom) Day 5 studios on FB so you can take a look.

  89. When are you planning to buy that? When you buy that then do share its pictures with us. Thanks

  90. Jommla says:

    Within a school thesis for research I've got to search sites with relevant information on given topic and give them to teacher our opinion and the article. Your post helped me a lot cara menurunkan trigliserida tinggi obat jantung lemah.

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