“It scares me. There is something in this house that I can’t see.” – Amy Allan

If Amy is having a hard time seeing the entities, you know the hotel guests and employees are having an even harder time figuring out why bad things keep happening to them.

Steve and Amy head to Clovis, CA, to investigate a hotel owner’s claims of threatening paranormal activity. Their client, Todd, bought the property in hopes of turning it into a comfortable hotel, but one thing has been holding him back — the mansion is haunted.

After going on separate disturbing investigations, Steve discovers that the property was once the site of a mental hospital where severely ill patients were abused, while Amy encounters numerous tortured spirits, including psychopathic entities hell-bent on destroying the living.

Will Amy and Steve be able to help Todd get his property back on track or will the hotel be forced to shut their doors due to safety concerns? Find out on an all-new episode, tonight at 10|9c.

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  1. Ron T. says:

    While watching this episode, about 9:09, Amy had just described how the dead here really creeped her out by crawling on the walls. At this point the main camera panned up the stairs. Just at the edge of where the light blended in with the dark, you see what appears to be a black mass, about the size of a small child step down onto the tread off the top landing and walk towards the wall. Did Amy or anybody else see this? If so, I'd like to know!

  2. Cher says:

    wow what a show, So many twists and turns. I want to say that when Steve interrupts Amy at the end of the show while they are doing the reveal, it is kinda making me not want to watch. Amy does most of the emotional work and every time she comes up telling the story Steve blasts in. I think that the Dream Hotel will be the Dread Hotel unless they do what Amy says and not advertise as a Haunted Hotel. I think if they do that they will be asking for much trouble, as Amy has said. I do not think that they will be free of the dead, especially now. Give Amy More Time during reveal.

  3. Cynthia Nicola says:

    I visited the sanitorium once, several years ago. I refused to go in with the others. The place was toxic. I spent all of my time there, outside the chainlink fence, being sick. Why on earth anyone would be stupid enough to want to bring people in there, I cannot imagine. Eventually, someone would end up dead.
    That place should have been burned down decades ago, and the ground plowed under.

  4. Kelly H says:

    This episode tore my heart out for the spirits stuck in the Clovis Sanitarium. It also reaffirmed my coviction and hope that someone help the souls that are earth bound be set free. There are a lot of paranormal reality shows in which the investigators operate on the premise of evidence gathering and documentation, often provoking and exploiting those they investigate. I am a huge fan of The Dead Files. Amy uses her gifts for good and that is as amazing as she is.
    What about a show in which capable and gifted mediums help those souls that are asking for help to move on move on?

  5. Nancy says:

    I am an avid fan of this show and was extremely impressed after watching tonight's episode. I am so glad that you didn't list the name or location of this "hotel". Todd should not be able to benefit financially from the pain and anguish of the poor souls still residing at that location. My hat is off to those responsible for not allowing this exploitation!

    • Jessica says:

      I live very close to the Manor and I know that the city of Clovis doesn't like what he is doing and is in the process of shutting him down. Todd is one of those people who is out to make a buck any way he can and he doesn't really care who he hurts or offends. It makes me sick. I wish he would leave clovis for good and take his evil with him.

  6. Ell says:

    It's totally wrong that the owner is going to advertise it as a haunted hotel. Talk about exploitation! This guy obviously doesn't take karma seriously. My friend and I are in agreement that having Amy verify that there are indeed many spirits present just played into his hands as he received professional confirmation. He said he respects the spirits residing there. But if he is planning on exploiting them, I think someone should grab a dictionary and read to him the definition of respect.

  7. myztyler says:

    just got done watching my favorite show the dead files! i hope the walls fall in on todd the owner so he can livee the rest of existence with the spirits hes tormenting! so happy amy and steve called him out!

  8. erin says:

    Great episode! Shows how rude the living r. I wouldn't have put specifics of the location even on the website tho. Todd is a big fat liar! Not worthy of any promotion. Otherwise, keep up the "great truth work"!! :)

  9. Bonnie Coleman says:

    KUDO'S AMY………I commend you for the way that you told Todd. He has had Wolfe Manor on several paranormal shows already. I live in Fresno and as soon as I saw the beginning of the episode I knew where you were. I have lost my daughter (my only child) and my husband. I sure as hell would not want people poking around their spirits. Todd deserves whatever he gets. It is amazing what people will exploit just for money. Keep up the good work. A faithful viewer

  10. F16JetJock says:

    This post is for Amy; however, anyone who knows her personally might be able to answer my question:
    Why doesn't she call the entities she is clairvoyant to "demons" since, in reality, that is what they are?
    Indeed, "dead people" are actually dead, buried or cremated, and their souls departed to Heaven or Hades never to be manifested again amongst us. Thus, the entities she is sensitive to have to be demons, intelligent "fallen angels" with intrinsic accession to the dimension of Hades. As most everyone is familiar, the God-inspired authors of Scripture fully described demons and their perpetual worldly co-existence amongst we living humans, but especially in structures and/or the land where they were previously attracted to by homicidal violence.

    For the skeptics, genuine audio and video evidence of demons proliferate on episodes of especially Ghost Adventures, but also on similar programs. Evidence of the destinations of our souls (human spirits) are well evidenced on other investigative programs but especially Biography Channel's I Survived – Beyond and Back, that, again, totally corroborates Scripture assertions.

    Consequently, Amy, when are you going to start calling "dead people" what they really are, that is, "demons"?

  11. John S says:

    Typical dumbshit, no respect for anything except $ . Sounds like my employer and he wonders why he's lost his people and profit. I'm sick of that shit personally! Good luck when your last day arrives.

  12. Misty says:

    The Wolfe Manor was demolished today, 11/8/2014 by order of the Clovis City Council.

  13. typeressay says:

    All are awaiting for best travel site, finally I have found that really this travelchannel site useful for all I am getting more info. The steve and amy head to hotel nowhere time well seeing entities, thank you.

  14. Cindy H. says:

    What is wrong with that guy. You don't fuck with the dead. You leave them in peace. I would not go there and stay. like Amy said they need help. They also want to be respected too.

  15. sweetalicepie says:

    WTF is wrong with you.sicko,you having hopes like that makes you no better.so stop it.

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